Enjoying the best network

Swisscom customers enjoy Switzerland's best network. This is confirmed both by CHIP trade magazine test results and a current public survey. Swisscom wins the CHIP test in the two main categories of telephony and mobile Internet, coming out tops overall. Thanks to immense network expansion and technical innovation, Swisscom will continue to offer customers the best mobile communication experience in the future.
Berne, 31 March 2017

More than 6.6 million customers have already opted for the Swisscom mobile network. CHIP’s mobile network test confirms yet again that customers are on the right network. The trade magazine conducted the test in Switzerland for the second time this year. Swisscom came top in both the “Telephony” and “Mobile Internet” categories and is overall winner. Swisscom also earns the top rating for the 4G/LTE network, gaining special merit for being the only Swiss provider to offer its customers VoLTE. In mobile Internet, Swisscom heads the field with the fastest data download rates. As Heinz Herren, Swisscom CIO and CTO remarks: "We're delighted to have to won the test and also that our customers rate our network as the best. The CHIP results reflect the technical performance of our network, while the customer survey gives us personal feedback."

Customers hail best network

Various customer satisfaction surveys show that Swisscom’s mobile and fixed network are rated as the best. In a current representative public survey by LINK Institute interviewees deem Swisscom to have the best mobile network in Switzerland. In February 2017 LINK Institute conducted a national survey on the mobile network on behalf of Swisscom, covering 1205 people aged 15 to 79. Questions included network coverage, stability and the best network in general. Swisscom comes first in all categories. The company also won connect's fixed network customer satisfaction survey 2016/2017, in which connect interviewed Swiss fixed network subscribers on their satisfaction with performance, services, prices and efficiency. connect's customer barometer perfectly reflects customer satisfaction with their provider. In Switzerland Swisscom takes first place with a very good overall result.

Massive 4G expansion and Swiss 5G leader

Swisscom is pushing ahead with 4G to satisfy the unrelenting customer demand for more capacity and higher speeds: besides national coverage of more than 99% with 4G, 40% of the population already enjoys 4G+ (speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s) and 15% can even access speeds up to 450 Mbit/s. Aside from mobile coverage, Swisscom is focusing on more speed. And Swisscom is still the only Swiss provider to offer its customers telephony over the 4G network (VoLTE). Customers thus benefit from a consistently high surfing speed, even when calls are in progress, even faster call setup and top voice quality. Swisscom is already embracing the future of mobile communication: as part of the "5G for Switzerland" programme, Swisscom is conducting intensive research into the new 5G mobile generation. Along with its first industrial partner, Ypsomed, Swisscom is already developing the first 5G application options and thus paving the way towards the Swiss launch of 5G due in 2020.

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