Swisscom und Ypsomed reveal: 5G is the key for the industry of the future

Since spring 2017, Swisscom and medical technology manufacturer Ypsomed have been developing joint applications for the latest 5G mobile communication generation for digitising industry. The successful pilot shows that 5G will be the most important building block in managing industrial operations in the future and bringing back industrial jobs to Switzerland. As a result, Swisscom wants to roll out 5G in selected locations by the end of 2018.
Berne, 05 March 2018

In a pilot project with Swisscom, Ypsomed has created a 5G test network and digitised the entire process chain, from the delivery of raw materials and product manufacture and through to provisioning and supply. For the first time, all the hardware and software components are being deployed through a 5G antenna. This includes the SAP S/4 software that is vital for industry, and data analysis applications. Even industrial PCs are no longer physically on site – these are also operated in virtualised environments in the 5G antenna. Augmented reality technologies are also used, providing the engineers with information on the processes projected on special holographic glasses. This simplifies the quality tests for semi-finished goods and integrates them automatically into the SAP system.

Indoor localisation also makes it possible to follow the goods through the entire production process – enabling ground-breaking opportunities for quality, logistics and customisation. In addition, the wireless 5G network replaces the previous cable connections in industrial machinery. As well as being cheaper, this also means the data can be constantly transmitted and evaluated in real time. “The results that we achieved with 5G with Ypsomed in production have exceeded our expectations and give us a first glimpse of what the future holds,” says Heinz Herren, Swisscom CIO and CTO. Simon Michel, CEO of Ypsomed, shares his enthusiasm: “Our collaboration with Swisscom is continuing and has already shown us the potential offered by the introduction of 5G. We are confident that digitisation and automation will enable us to bring back jobs to Switzerland.”

Using the edge cloud and network slicing

The edge cloud is a concept that directly locates computing resources in or at the 5G antenna, enabling IT processes in production to be controlled locally and directly and massively accelerating reaction times across production. Using network slicing, individual applications receive reserved, guaranteed network capacity or allocated bandwidths – vital for manufacturing operations. Even a brief network fluctuation can lead to a break in production and major stoppages. Today's 4G network cannot provide the stability necessary for industry today and is not therefore used to network production.

Strengthening the Swiss economy

5G is the mobile communication standard of the future. It brings new opportunities for the economy, providing the basis for modular manufacturing. A digitised economy requires high data capacities, short response times for critical business processes and maximum flexibility in providing and positioning data capacities. As the only technology that meets these requirements, 5G offers huge potential for the Swiss economy. “5G is the basis for digitising our business-customer processes. Swisscom is convinced it will create a sustainable geographic advantage for its customers this way,” adds Heinz Herren. Swisscom wants to roll out 5G in selected locations by the end of 2018. Full network coverage is expected by 2020, if appropriate regulatory conditions are in place to enable this.

About Ypsomed

Ypsomed is the leading developer and manufacturer of injection and infusion systems for self-medication and a proven diabetes specialist with 30 years’ experience. As an innovation and technology leader, it is the partner of choice for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for pens, autoinjectors and pump systems for administering liquid medication. Ypsomed markets its product portfolio directly to patients and through pharmacists and clinics under the "mylife Diabetescare" brand. It uses the name "YDS Ypsomed Delivery Systems" for business-to-business segment with pharmaceutical companies.

Ypsomed is based in Burgdorf (BE) and has a global network of production sites, subsidiaries and sales partners, with around 1500 employees worldwide.

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