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Goodbye roaming charges, hello "inOne mobile go"

A smartphone subscription offering unlimited calls and data in Switzerland and Europe – cheap, flexible and with the option of a new smartphone paid in instalments. All this will be available from the end of February at Swisscom with the new "inOne mobile go" subscription.
Annina Merk
Annina Merk, Media spokesperson
31 January 2019

"inOne mobile go" is set to replace the existing 1.8 million "inOne mobile XS-XL" subscriptions. The new subscription covers the needs of around 80% of Swisscom customers and lets them use their smartphone much more flexibly. For a monthly subscription price starting at CHF 60 (in combination with "inOne home", CHF 80 without a package discount), "inOne mobile go" includes everything that smartphone users need today: unlimited calls, SMS/MMS and data transmission at up to 100 Mbps, both within Switzerland and in the EU. This means that for the first time the much criticised charges for mobile phone use in the EU will no longer apply. “Despite being the most attractive Swiss roaming provider, our subscriptions to date included a certain number of days and a set data volume, which some of our customers saw as a limitation. With the new subscription, our customers can surf as carefree in other EU countries as at home,” explains Dirk Wierzbitzki, Head of Products and Marketing at Swisscom.

Affordable and environmentally friendly: smartphone paid in instalments optional

New "inOne mobile go" contracts only run for 12 months with Swisscom now separating mobile phone purchases from the subscription in response to changing customer needs. Whereas subsidised devices used to be a major reason for choosing a provider, they are increasingly losing importance. According to a recent survey commissioned by Swisscom, 87% of customers want to use their device until it breaks and only 10% want a new, discounted device on a regular basis. This separation of contract and phone results in a lower subscription price and protects the environment, as customers use their smartphone longer. Customers can purchase a new smartphone separately – and pay for it in instalments – and even trade in their old phone. For CHF 25 per month, "inOne mobile go" customers can also purchase a new “all-round carefree service package” for their smartphone, which includes insurance against damage from dropping, damage to the screen and water-related damage, as well as guaranteed express repair within three hours on working days for Apple and Samsung devices.

Making good things even better: customisable at any time with packages and options

"inOne mobile go" is the simplest and most modern mobile subscription in Switzerland and already includes everything most customers need. Sometimes, though, these needs change temporarily or permanently, such as when starting a family, moving or travelling regularly abroad. Thanks to additional packages and options, "inOne mobile go" can be customised as required. What’s more, these extras can be activated at any time and cancelled after 30 days. With the Connect Pack, for example, customers can surf with three devices and up to 1 Gbps for CHF 20 per month. The Intercontinental Pack includes unlimited roaming within North America and unlimited calls to the EU, USA and Canada for CHF 70 per month. Other individual options are also available, for example, for surfing on several devices, maximum surfing speed and unlimited calls abroad from Switzerland. For customers wanting all these options, "inOne mobile premium" offers a complete package of subscriptions and options at a preferential rate from CHF 180 per month (in combination with "inOne home", CHF 200/month separately).

“With 'inOne mobile go', we are giving our customers much more freedom. In the future, they will be able to communicate abroad without worries and adapt their subscription to their personal situation. They will also only pay for a new smartphone when they really need one,” explains Dirk Wierzbitzki. The new offer will be available from 25 February 2019. Existing customers will not be migrated automatically, but can easily switch to the new subscription. For customers who only use their smartphone in Switzerland or do not want to benefit from unlimited data, Swisscom is launching the "Swiss mobile flat" and "inOne mobile basic" subscriptions at the same time. The latter offers a data allowance in Switzerland and other EU countries. Swisscom will also be launching a new introductory offer for infrequent users in April. In the coming weeks, it will significantly reduce the prices for data packages abroad for all mobile customers.



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