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Swisscom TV finds its way into the hotel, bringing new functions for everyone

Switzerland's most popular television is now available in a version developed specifically for hotels and homes. Residential customers, too, can benefit from new functions: the topic worlds now combine highlights from traditional television with content from selected apps.
Annina Merk
Annina Merk, Media spokesperson
27 March 2019

Swisscom TV continues to grow, and now this benefits hotels as well as nursing homes and old people's homes – everyone who wants to offer their guests and residents an intuitive TV experience: Swisscom TV Host offers over 300 television and radio stations from all over the world, including channels in UHD. This includes broadcasting stations from regions such as China, Russia and the Arab world, all of which show a growing number of visitors. Furthermore, there is the option of individual channel lists – for example for certain groups of guests – as well as intuitive search and voice-search functions in four languages.


"An extensive range of television services is very important, especially for visitors' rating of a hotel," explains Dirk Wierzbitzki, Head Products & Marketing and Member of the Group Executive Board of Swisscom. "It delights the guest because it works immediately and without explanation. The host, too, is happy, as there is less support required and there will be less frustrated guest reviews." And: Swisscom TV Host is not alone. A modern WLAN solution is included in the package – fully managed by Swisscom's specialists, of course. "Hoteliers and home managers should not have to deal with technology; they should be able to focus completely on their guests and residents," says Dirk Wierzbitzki. With over 140,000 hotel rooms and 100,000 home rooms, it is a very attractive market. Dirk Wierzbitzki: "With Swisscom TV Host, we guarantee every guest the very same "Wow!" effect that has already made Swisscom TV the most popular form of television in private Swiss households."

App and TV combined: one world for everything

Swisscom TV continuously develops and expands its offer for residential customers: From the beginning of April to mid-May our 1.5 million TV customers will – in stages – receive the latest update (Swisscom TV Entertainment OS 3.2). This update will include numerous new features:


  • The popular topic worlds now include not only upcoming and missed TV programmes, but also programmes from the range of offered apps (Sky, YouTube, OCS, Red Bull TV etc.). Sports fans and gamers in particular will benefit from a very comprehensive overview in their topic worlds.
  • All feature film descriptions now include the movie's star rating, based on the world's largest movie critic database: the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).
  • Selected films in the Video on Demand Store are now available with subtitles; this offer is being expanded continuously.
  • The entire menu guide can now also be used in a "dark mode" (dark menu background) in response to customer requests. This intensifies the image quality, especially in darkened rooms.
  • HDMI-CEC activation: If, for example, the Swisscom TV Box is switched on, the TV screen switches on automatically – or switches over if another output device (game console, DVD etc.) is selected.
  • Every third viewer today makes use of our topical dossiers for big events in the world of sports and movies. We are going to expand on this offer on an ongoing basis and will schedule these dossiers more frequently to be able to reflect current events.


"It is all these supposedly small things that have helped make Swisscom TV the number 1 overall," explains Dirk Wierzbitzki. "Thanks to the continuous development, we are on top of our customers' needs – whether at home, on the road or in a hotel."



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