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Digitisation is revolutionising mobility

2019 Motor Show

Networked road traffic is on the way

From cars and trucks through to drones – mobility is facing the greatest revolution in its history, and it goes beyond propulsion: networking offers radically new possibilities long before the driverless car stage. Several articles have covered this subject in recent months: we offer an overview.
Roger Baur
Roger Baur, Corporate Journalist
05 March 2019

Travel without a care

5G Innovations Manager Matthias Jungen is confident that he’ll soon come to Ticino in a driverless car, before switching to a self-flying drone.

More speed for less congestion

Four out of five traffic jams are caused by human reaction times. Networked mobility could be the answer.

“My first word was car.”

Autosense CEO Jaap Vossen about setting up his company.

Small sensors with a big impact

The CO2 map for the Zurich region shows just how much CO2 levels can vary within a region. 

“A milestone for drones in Switzerland”

The Federal Institute of Technology has flown an autonomous drone across Lake Neuchâtel – a first, thanks to the Swisscom network.

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