Swisscom joins FreeMove Alliance

Swisscom has signed a strategic partnership with FreeMove in order to offer to their Swiss multinational customers not only the best mobile network in Switzerland but also in the rest of Europe and globally.
Armin Schädeli
Armin Schädeli, Deputy Head of Media Relations
23 January 2020

Swisscom has signed a strategic partnership agreement with FreeMove. With this decision Swisscom becomes part of the tier one Telecom Operators alliance in Europe.

FreeMove is the top mobile telecommunications organization founded in 2003. It combines the expertise of Deutsche Telecom, Orange, Telia Company and Telecom Italia. ​This partnership allows Swisscom to offer to its Swiss multinational customers access to the top mobile networks in Europe and globally. On the other hand, Swisscom becomes Free Move's preferred partner for their customers with need for state of the art mobile telecommunication services in the Swiss market.


« As number one in Switzerland we are delighted to join forces with FreeMove, the top international mobile service provider in Europe and will continue to offer our customers excellent local and global services,» says Urs Lehner, Head of Swisscom Business Customers.

«We are very excited to welcome Swisscom to the FreeMove family. This step allows us to strengthen our position in Europe as lead organization of tier one networks and reinforces one of our strategic pillars, which is to deliver high-quality international mobile services to multinational customers,» says Lazaro Fernandez Parra, General Manager of FreeMove.

About FreeMove:

FreeMove is the top mobile telecommunications organisation, combining since 2003 the national capabilities of Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Italia and Telia Company. FreeMove’s mission is to deliver high-quality international mobile services to multinational customers by synchronising the know-how and capabilities of its members. Together with these best-in-class operators, FreeMove offers a joined-up approach which includes best-in-class connectivity, streamlined commercial arrangements, dedicated account support and value added services over 80 countries. Its award-winning networks are best in class, with a constant focus on coverage area, speed and reliability have ensured FreeMove the #1 ranked connectivity rating across 90% of our footprint.


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