Samsung s20 and 5G

Maximise the benefits of the latest mobile generation with the new Samsung S20 family

The Samsung S20 family presents the first devices on the Swiss market able to take advantage of the nationwide 5G network. Swisscom is currently offering the new S20 and S20+ models in combination with inOne mobile go for the same price as 4G models.
Armin Schädeli
Armin Schädeli, Deputy Head of Media Relations
12 March 2020

Samsung’s S20 family are genuinely impressive smartphones. 8K Video Snap revolutionises video, capturing content in true-to-life detail and producing still images in photo quality. At 120 FPS (120 Hz), the picture reproduction for videos is second to none. The powerful batteries have also been intelligently designed to last longer on a single charge. The new devices use the Swiss-wide 5G network as well as ultra-fast 5G+.


Michel Siegenthaler, Head of Offers and Marketing: “To achieve its full potential, a flagship smartphone requires a responsive, powerful and fast network. With the S20 family and our 5G network, everything comes together perfectly. The S20 family gives customers a chance to experience the advantages of the latest mobile generation for themselves.” Until the end of April, Swisscom is helping customers with the switch to 5G by offering the 5G S20 and S20+ models at the same price as 4G models.


The Samsung S20 family supports 5G, which Swisscom has already rolled out to 90% of the population, and also uses the ultra-fast 5G+. This is already available in a number of locations and coverage is continually expanding. “These devices ensure that our customers are fully equipped for the future,” adds Michel Siegenthaler. The Samsung S20 family is now available over the counter from Swisscom Shops. The first pre-ordered devices have already been delivered to customers.

Application development

The latest mobile phone generation brings innovations for everyone, residential and business customers alike. Innovative customers are already testing out opportunities offered by this latest generation:

  • Badrutt’s Place Hotel in St. Moritz, for example, which was the first hotel to introduce electric lighting back in the day, has become the first hotel in Europe to offer 5G indoor coverage.
  • Remote holiday site, Chalet Jolimont in Champéry is testing the ‘last mile’ over the air. This access (public wireless LAN or secure network access) provides the facility with fast broadband and, for the first time, compatible ICT modules (Smart ICT offerings).
  • At the World Economic Forum, ABB, Ericsson and Swisscom jointly demonstrated a robotics application with real-time control over 5G to showcase the opportunities for industry.
  • At the Youth Olympic Games, Swisscom and partners tested broadcasting applications that greatly reduce cost of materials and simplify productions.
  • Meanwhile at Swissbau, companies related to the construction sector presented possible applications in the construction environment in order to simplify cooperation and increase quality.

5G and health

Swisscom is aware of the ongoing debate surrounding 5G. 5G is a further development of previous generations; it uses similar frequencies and is subject to the same regulations. Swisscom ensures full compliance with these regulations at all times. For more information about mobile telephony, the environment and health, visit

The evolution of 5G

At the end of 2019, Swisscom achieved its aim of national 5G coverage by building on the existing infrastructure and using the frequencies of previous mobile generations. This has changed capabilities across Switzerland already, including the introduction of high speeds of up to one Gigabit per second and low response times. The company is pushing ahead with the 5G+ network expansion. 5G+ brings additional benefits of 5G as well as additional capacity to the network. In addition to increasing speed, it means that many more users will be able to use higher bandwidths at the same time. Alongside software, 5G+ also requires new hardware at the antenna sites and uses additional frequencies (3.6 GHz), which were previously used for television coverage among other things.



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