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Refreshed Smartphones

Second-hand smartphones now available from the Swisscom Online Shop

Swisscom customers can now save money while doing something good for the environment. Swisscom has begun selling refurbished smartphones in its Online Shop. With this initiative, Swisscom is making a valuable contribution to the circular economy and smartphone sustainability.
Annina Merk
Annina Merk, Media spokesperson
22 June 2020

In Switzerland, an estimated eight million mobile phones are lying unused in the back of a drawer somewhere. The value of the raw materials alone easily tops the CHF 60 million mark. By refurbishing these devices, we can save valuable resources and CO2. “We think it is important to make a substantial contribution to smartphone sustainability and the resources used in them. The longer a smartphone is used for, the better it is for the environment,” says Michel Siegenthaler, Head of Offers and Marketing. A refurbished smartphone can reduce emissions by over 75% compared to a new device.

“Refreshed smartphones” – an affordable alternative

From 22 June 2020, Swisscom will be offering ‘refreshed smartphones’ - i.e. refurbished smartphones - for sale in its Online Shop. Swisscom purchases the second-hand devices from customers through its Buyback programme. They are then refurbished by Swisscom’s partner Recommerce Swiss* and sold in the Swisscom Online Shop as ‘refreshed smartphones’. Surveys have shown that customer demand for this is high as it allows devices to be used for longer, and price-sensitive customers can save money by buying a preloved yet well-functioning device at a more affordable price. Customers receive a 12-month warranty on refurbished mobiles. The device packaging is labelled ‘refreshed’. Swisscom is launching the offer in its Online Shop with the following three models:


  • iPhone 6S, 64 GB, Space Gray, RP: CHF 229
  • iPhone X, 64 GB, Space Gray, RP: CHF 569
  • iPhone X, 256 GB, Space Gray, RP: CHF 619


Swisscom is partnering with Recommerce Swiss on the ‘refreshed smartphones’ initiative. Recommerce Swiss refurbishes the returned smartphones and ensures that the previous user’s data is fully deleted. Before going on sale, the smartphones undergo 35 different quality controls, are unlocked and are in full working condition.


* A registered trademark of RS (Recommerce Solutions) Switzerland SA

Rethink: Swisscom's initiatives for a circular economy

The longer a mobile is used for, the better that is for the environment. Swisscom is helping its customers do just that with two different schemes. Through the popular Swisscom Buyback scheme, customers are already able to sell their old smartphone or have its value credited towards a new device. Alternatively, they can donate their old mobile to a good cause through ‘Mobile Aid’. Swisscom is now taking a further step forward with the ‘refreshed smartphones’ scheme, by selling refurbished smartphones in its Online Shop. For more information, visit:



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