Swisscom building on Aarbergstrasse
Biel location

Swisscom moves out of Aarbergstrasse

During the first six months of 2021, Swisscom will give up its location at Aarbergstrasse 107 in Biel. The approximately 180 call centre employees will in future answer customer queries from Lausanne and Olten. Twenty employees from other Group divisions will relocate to Olten, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Berne.
Esther Hüsler
Esther Hüsler, Media spokesperson
15 September 2020

As part of its location consolidation, Swisscom will give up its Aarbergstrasse 107 site in autumn 2021 due to expiring leases and the decreasing demand for permanently assigned workplace. Telecom PTT (the forerunner to Swisscom) constructed the building in 1994 and Swisscom sold it in 2001. Currently, around 200 employees from different areas work in this building. Call centre workstations will be moved to Olten and Lausanne. All affected employees will be offered the opportunity to work at one of these locations in future. Swisscom Services Ltd, which has its offices in the same building, will also move its workplaces to Olten. The 20 or so employees from other Group divisions will move to offices in Berne, Neuchâtel, Lausanne and Olten.

Swisscom continues to rely on Biel

Biel remains an important location for Swisscom. Swisscom relies on the successful cooperation with its partner Competence Call Centre GmbH, which employs over 300 people in Biel (Nidaugasse 35) on behalf of Swisscom. Swisscom will continue to serve its customers in Biel with its two Swisscom Shops at Bahnhofstrasse 7 and Collègegasse 9. Swisscom is also involved in the Biel Innovation Park.

Locations to be reviewed on an ongoing basis

Swisscom operates in an environment that is changing ever more rapidly. High competitive and cost pressure, fierce price wars, changes in customer behaviour, new ways of working and the decreasing demand for permanently assigned desks is leading us to review and consolidate our locations on an ongoing basis.


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