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Boosting wellbeing – reducing energy consumption

Most of us spend a large part of our lives in buildings – either within our own four walls, at work or in the supermarket. How these buildings are heated, air-conditioned and ventilated is key for our wellbeing. At the same time, proper building management also saves lots of energy and resources – thanks not least to Avelon AG’s smart helpers.
Res Witschi
Res Witschi, Delegate for Sustainable Digitalization
28 September 2020

We all spend much of our lives indoors. So it's all the more important that building management should be simple, cost-effective and energy-efficient. Taking meter readings several times a year, reading individual device data and then evaluating it with the help of tables that may or may not be easy to use – that is neither efficient nor sensible. It's far more in keeping with the times to collect data using Avelon's small, networked helpers and then retrieve this data from the Cloud centrally in a clearly formatted fashion.

Avelon’s helpers: small but powerful

Wisely, the room sensor: To install it, you just need to scan a QR code and it starts to constantly measure the temperature, humidity and air quality of the room. The system transmits the data it collects to the Avelon Cloud using Swisscom’s Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN). The LoRaWAN transmits the data in a particularly energy-saving manner, so Wisely will operate for up to five years with a single battery.

Beetle, the data hub: With its many interfaces, the Beetle brings metering and building automation systems online and integrates them in the Avelon Cloud. From these diverse, separate items of equipment and systems, it creates a single ecosystem and collects their data centrally. To transmit this data to the Avelon Cloud, it uses various communication protocols including Swisscom’s LoRaWAN.

The Avelon Cloud: Informative graphics, diagrams and views of historical and real-time data make energy and building management intuitive and efficient. The data is analysed using trend curves and the like, making it child's play – just as easy as creating informative reports.

Exploiting existing potential to the full

Thanks to the data collected by Beetle data hubs and Wisely, and its subsequent formatting in the Avelon Cloud, users can identify potential for optimization and implement targeted measures. Heating, air conditioning and ventilation – it becomes immediately apparent where you can save energy and boost wellbeing. Thanks to their intelligent data evaluation, these smart little helpers avoid unnecessary energy consumption, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

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Contributing to sustainability

Avelon AG is making an effective contribution towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

SDG 11: More sustainable management of buildings, increased wellbeing.

SGD 13: Lower CO2 emissions thanks to reduced consumption of energy and resources.