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Environmentally friendly building technology

An intelligent way of tackling climate change

We need to reduce CO2 emissions to stop climate change. But it's a little-known fact that around 30 per cent of these emissions in Switzerland come from buildings. Swisscom is therefore advocating for more environmentally friendly buildings. This includes supporting innovative companies such as Ecco2 Solutions AG.
David Rossé
David Rossé, responsible for Accessibility and ESG ratings.
29 September 2020

In an ideal world, building refurbishment would be the means of choice to stop climate change. In reality, however, the costs of undertaking such a refurbishment often deter property owners from doing so. This is where Ecco2 Solutions AG offers an intelligent alternative. By using a variety of digital tools, the company optimizes the heating requirements of buildings. This can save up to 20 per cent of energy consumption – and reduce CO2 emissions.

A really intelligent approach

Ecco2 Solutions is an innovative company based in Givisiez, Canton Fribourg. Its services are aimed at companies, management agencies and cooperatives. Firstly, it helps to improve the energy efficiency of heating systems thanks to artificial intelligence – for example, by using automated data analysis and predictive management based on weather data. Secondly, it uses technologies that are the most effective at achieving this goal, for example, by recording and transmitting data via 4G+, 5G and LoRa.

Swisscom and Ecco2 Solutions: perfect partners

A collaboration between Swisscom and Ecco2 Solutions makes for the perfect match, based on a mutual transfer of expertise. On the one hand, Swisscom is using the expertise of Ecco2 Solutions and managing the energy efficiency of its own buildings in a planned pilot project. On the other, Ecco2 Solutions benefits from Swisscom's ultra-modern communication and information technologies.

How does this work, exactly? It's simple:

  • at strategically suitable locations within the building, Ecco2 Solutions installs sensors that measure temperature, humidity and CO2.

  • The system transmits the data recorded quickly and with zero latency to the algorithm.

  • The algorithm then analyses and optimizes the current heating requirements. To do so, it incorporates external (e.g. meteorological) and internal data (building temperature and humidity) and optimizes the building in a predictive manner.

An extensive, high-performance mobile network is required to enable customers of Ecco2 Solutions to use this impressive technological potential in their device networks. This is why Swisscom is the perfect strategic partner for Ecco2 Solutions, taking care of hosting, data transmission, network usage and security.

Incorporating indoor and outdoor climate

The solution from Ecco2 Solutions is based on predictive energy management. The system anticipates the building’s indoor and outdoor temperatures so that the heating can be restricted in advance in the event of a rapid rise in temperature caused by direct sunlight, for example. It takes into account the current and upcoming weather data, real-time consumption of heating energy, as well as data regarding the temperature and relative humidity inside the building. LoRa sensors (Swisscom LPN technology) record these data.

Intelligent buildings protect the climate

All of the data mentioned are fed into an intelligent algorithm, which automatically adjusts the heating output to the weather forecasts. Automated data analysis provides information on the energy performance of a building. As such, plans to reduce CO2 emissions are documented and actually observed. Artificial intelligence is factoring in the climate of today – and thus improving the climate of tomorrow.

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