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Salaries 2021

Salary increase 2021: Swisscom and its social partners have reached an agreement

Swisscom will increase salaries for 2021 by 0.8%. This is the outcome of salary negotiations between Swisscom and its social partners, the trade union syndicom and the staff association transfair.
Sabrina Hubacher
Sabrina Hubacher, Media spokesperson
09 February 2021

The salary increase of 0.8% will take effect from 01 April 2021 for the 14,000 Swisscom employees subject to the collective employment agreement. To reflect the particular circumstances of the previous year, employees will receive a general salary increase that will vary according to their position in the salary band. One-off payments will be made to employees earning above the salary band. This agreement also takes account of the extraordinary coronavirus year.


During the negotiations, the existing collective employment agreement (CEA), which was due to expire at the end of June 2021, was extended by a year. This was done on the basis of mutual trust to allow sufficient time for the CEA to be renewed.


Urs Schaeppi, CEO Swisscom: “In 2020, amid a challenging environment, Swisscom employees demonstrated great commitment to our customers and to Swisscom itself. This year’s salary increase is an expression of our thanks to them. As a good employer, it is important for us to pay market-driven salaries in addition to offering attractive fringe benefits. In line with this, I am pleased with the agreement reached with the social partners.”


Daniel Hügli, General Secretary of syndicom: “The salary increase recognises the commitment and dedication demonstrated by the Swisscom employees, particularly during the past difficult year. By no longer directly linking future salary increases to individual performance evaluations, one of syndicom’s requirements has been met; namely, that all employees’ contributions should be recognised, and priority given to their personal development based on employee reviews.”


Robert Métrailler, Head of Communication: “transfair is very pleased with the strong signal that this sends out to the whole workforce, who have demonstrated such solidarity and courage in the face of the coronavirus crisis. Whether working from home or on the front line, they helped to ensure the provision of basic telecommunications services at all times, enabling people to stay in touch with one another in the face of the strenuous lockdown and social distancing measures. This fantastic outcome is also a positive example of an effective social partnership.”


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