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First place for Swisscom in CHIP mobile network test

Swisscom wins the CHIP mobile network test 2021, coming top in all five categories: “Internet”, “Telephony” “Availability”, “Long-distance trains” and “5G”. According to CHIP magazine, Swisscom customers are on the best network in Switzerland when on the move.
Esther Hüsler
Esther Hüsler, Media spokesperson
13 April 2021

In the big mobile network test carried out by the CHIP trade journal, Swisscom scored the best results of all Swiss providers for the sixth time. “I am delighted about coming first in the CHIP network test,” said Christoph Aeschlimann, Swisscom CIO & CTO. “Winning network test after network test is a fine acknowledgement of our work and shows that we live up to our pledge to offer our customers the best network in Switzerland.”

Swisscom: “Best 5G network” in Switzerland

Swisscom wins all five categories that were measured during this year’s network test and contributed to the overall ranking. These categories were “Internet”, “Telephony”, “Availability”, “Long-distance trains” and “5G”. In particular, the wins in the last two categories and the award for the best 5G network show that Swisscom’s innovative strength and its early rollout of the latest mobile technologies are paying off.


Swisscom is proactively developing its mobile phone network and constantly driving development forward with 4G and 5G, so that customers’ future capacity needs can be built today. Mobile data traffic increased by 30% in 2020 compared to the previous year. Good general conditions for rapid network expansion are more important than ever.



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