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Swisscom takes over JLS Digital

Swisscom acquires JLS Digital from the Renaissance Investment Foundation. JLS is one of the leading agencies for digital signage, mobile and web solutions. Swisscom will use the acquisition to expand its expertise in customer experience and equip its customers for more digital synergies.
Armin Schädeli
Armin Schädeli, Deputy Head of Media Relations
30 April 2021

Swisscom wants to shape the future as Number 1 within an increasingly digitised and networked world. The acquisition of JLS Digital Ltd. will allow the business customer (B2B) division to further expand its range of customer experience solutions. JLS was founded in 2001 and is now the market-leading digital signage, mobile and web agency. Its core competencies are focused on the conception, development and operation of cross-channel, digital customer experiences and interactive advertising and information systems. The acquisition adds a team of over 90 digital experts to Swisscom B2B and a client portfolio of 80 companies in banking, retail and insurance, providing access to decision-makers in marketing, sales and service.


The expertise of JLS Digital and Swisscom's subsidiary Open Web Technology – a recognised market leader in digital transformation consulting and software engineering – and JLS complement each other from a geographical, sector and technical perspective. The merger gives Swisscom B2B a pool of more than 300 software engineers, user experience and user interaction experts across Switzerland.


Urs Lehner, Head of Swisscom Business Customers: “We are now better positioned than ever to inspire and enable medium and large companies to innovate in the digital world and operate at the same level as the market leaders. By strengthening our offering in terms of digital customer experience, we are making a clear commitment to the Swisscom Promise to relieve the pressure and support customers with an integrative, smart solutions portfolio.”


Xavier Paternot, Managing Partner at Renaissance: “The Renaissance Investment Foundation sees the Swisscom acquisition as an excellent opportunity for JLS Digital Ltd. to accelerate its development and market penetration. The management team of JLS Digital Ltd. also recognises this opportunity and fully supports this acquisition, which was also crucial for Renaissance.”


JLS Digital Ltd. will become an independent Swisscom Company with its own Management Board and Board of Directors. The JLS Management Board will remain unchanged in terms of both its composition and responsibilities. Swisscom representatives will take over the positions on the Board of Directors in the coming weeks. In organisational terms, the new Swisscom Company will be attached to the recently created Platforms & Application (PAP) division at Swisscom Business Customers. Patrick Minder, former CEO of JLS, has headed Platforms & Application, the business customer unit that serves customers with software solutions, since April 2021. His position will ensure smooth collaboration and allow Swisscom to capitalise on the mutual strengths of B2B and JLS.


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