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Vocational training

Ready for the world of work

Today marks a special day for 253 young people as they all start their vocational training with Swisscom. More than half have opted for an ICT apprenticeship. At the same time, six school leavers are beginning a bachelor’s degree course in IT with integrated practice. 266 apprentices also have a reason to be cheerful, having successfully completed their apprenticeships at Swisscom.
Sabrina Hubacher
Sabrina Hubacher, Media spokesperson
02 August 2021

Ready to simply use the opportunities of the networked world – Swisscom's vision for its customers and for the new generation of talent that it is taking on this journey. That is why Swisscom is training around 830 apprentices. And a further 22 students have the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree course in IT with integrated practice.


This August, 253 new apprentices will start their training in seven different vocational disciplines: Information Technology, ICT Professional, Interactive Media Design, Mediamatics, Commercial Education, Retailing Specialist and Call Center Specialist. Six school-leavers have opted for the bachelor’s degree course in IT. 13 apprentices will be starting their apprenticeships at Swisscom’s subsidiary cablex – to become electricians or network electricians (specialising in telecommunications).


Just as was done last year, the start of the apprenticeship will take account of the current situation. A hybrid programme has been put together for the initial two-week ‘First Steps’ phase. However, this year the coaches can decide how many days the new apprentices will spend with their coaches on site and how many days online. The primary focus is the targeted support and strengthening of physical and virtual ways of working which will be gradually introduced to the apprentices from the start of their apprenticeships.

Graduating with honours

This summer, 266 apprentices successfully completed their apprenticeships at Swisscom – a pass rate of around 98 percent. cablex saw 12 apprentices ready to join the workforce after passing their final exams. Approximately half the apprentices have been hired by Swisscom.


Marc Marthaler, Head of Next Generation: “During 2020, a year dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, we were all confronted with challenging situations, both professionally and personally. I am incredibly proud of our apprentices who have now been working from home for about a year. It was and remains a difficult time – but they have overcome this challenge remarkably well.”


Modular apprenticeship at Swisscom

At Swisscom, apprentices put together their own apprenticeship pathway. They apply for different projects, lasting for between one day and six months, which are posted in the internal online marketplace and which provide them with the expertise they need. This gives them insights into multiple subject areas and provides the opportunity to meet new people and familiarise themselves with different areas of the business, while encouraging independence.



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