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The biggest open-air festivals, special music sessions, exclusive live acts: Swisscom is building a whole world around Swiss music

The Gurtenfestival in Bern, the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Paléo Festival Nyon, the Moon&Stars, the Openair Frauenfeld, Gampel and Lumnezia festivals, the revival of Out in the Green and more in the pipeline: Swisscom is preparing an entire world of experience around the most popular Swiss open-air festivals to enjoy in person, online and on blue TV. And from 2022, by hosting its own events and introducing new formats, surprising innovations and targeted support for young talent, Swisscom is set to bring Swiss music to an even wider audience, ensuring goose bumps all round.
Annina Merk
Annina Merk, Media spokesperson
26 October 2021

People hugging, crowds moving to the beat, reverberating bass through the whole body: the absence of live shows over the past two years has really brought home just how vital concerts and live music truly are. So all the more reason to celebrate the great comeback – and through its new sponsorship commitments, Swisscom is making sure it will be huge. “Because we believe that 2022 represents a new start. It offers a unique opportunity to completely shake up the Swiss music scene. There has never been such hunger for events, experiences, emotions and new voices,” explains Dirk Wierzbitzki, Head of Residential Customers and Member of the Swisscom Group Executive Board. Andrea Meier, Head of Partnership & Live Experience at Swisscom, adds: “This is why we are focusing on a long-term commitment to build something unique together with the Swiss music scene. It really is the start of something big.”

Stüehl ewäg!*

As part of this new central commitment, Swisscom can now be the first to announce its official partnerships with the biggest Swiss open-air festivals: the Gurtenfestival in Bern, Frauenfeld, Gampel and Lumnezia, the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Paléo Festival in Nyon, the Moon&Stars and Out in the Green. Not only will Swisscom have a presence at these events and provide unique experiences, it will also report on them during and after the events in numerous specials and live broadcasts on blue TV. Christoph Timm, Head of Marketing & Image Communications, explains: “We are bringing the events to a much wider audience and taking the live music experience to a whole new level, with new perspectives and unique reporting. “This is especially important for the artists as it gives them a broader reach and brings them closer to their audience, including those who cannot be there in person. This will really help to strengthen the Swiss music scene in particular.”

Anytime, Anywhere**

This strengthening of local music will be underscored by special music events hosted by Swisscom, giving lesser-known artists a platform and facilitating the discovery of new talent. To support young talent, Swisscom is planning a full range of offerings consisting of dedicated talent promotion formats and partnerships. The aim is to improve the visibility of new artists, which is fundamental for building a career. This content is available across all Swisscom platforms. A special music area bringing together all of this content is coming to blue TV, for example. Christoph Timm: “This will provide a central point of access where big names also open doors for lesser-known performers and artists, bringing them to a wider audience.”

Combien de temps?***

“You want music all year round? We are ready to bring it to you. Our commitments will soon help to fill the winter festival void,” explains Andrea Meier. By launching its own concert series, Swisscom aims to extend the enjoyment of live music into the off season. Swisscom is also continuing its long-standing partnership with Energy and has entered into new sponsorship commitments supporting and offering exclusive access to some of the biggest and most popular concerts in Switzerland, including through free, money-cannot-buy tickets or unforgettable streaming events. Andrea Meier: “6 out of 10 people in Switzerland regularly listen to pop, rock & urban music, so you could say that nothing else sets so many hearts racing quite like it. This is precisely why we see huge potential here for a long, sustained partnership.”

Polo Hofer, 1990*
Gotthard, 2005**
Stephan Eicher, 1987***


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