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Swisscom wins connect fixed-network test

Swisscom has been announced as the winner of the connect fixed-network test and achieved first place in the Switzerland 2021 Broadband Network Test for 10 Gbit/s connections. Swisscom’s fixed network was also awarded a ‘very good’ rating. This win is attributable to the enormous investments in our network and our consistent focus on the needs of our customers.
Armin Schädeli
Armin Schädeli, Deputy Head of Media Relations
02 November 2021

The connect trade magazine has published the results of its fixed-network test in Switzerland. Over a period of several weeks, connect assessed the performance of various Swiss fixed networks, testing Internet speed and availability, among other things. The magazine also evaluated response times and image quality, for example, in the categories Web services and Web TV such as YouTube. Swisscom came out as winner of the Switzerland Broadband Network Test for 10 Gbit/s connections and received the rating ‘very good’ for 1 Gbit/s connections.


This win follows an impressive series of mobile network test wins that Swisscom has racked up over the years. It is further evidence that our customers have selected the right network and that the enormous investments Swisscom is making in its network are paying off. The economy, society and our customers are thus already equipped for the many opportunities offered by the networked world.


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