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Mobile communication on trains

Free surfing on trains for Swisscom customers

From 12 December 2021, all Swisscom customers will be able to use SBB FreeSurf to enjoy free surfing on trains. The free Internet on trains will be available from the timetable change in 2021. What’s more, to ensure optimum mobile reception throughout all routes, Swisscom is working with high priority on the continued expansion of its mobile network.
Armin Schädeli
Armin Schädeli, Deputy Head of Media Relations
23 November 2021

Most Swisscom customers already use flat-rate subscriptions to surf on the move. They are ready to surf any time, anywhere, without worrying about how much data they are using or the costs incurred.


SBB and its partners have been trialling free Internet on trains for around a year and SBB has been offering SBB FreeSurf on its entire rail network for a year now. Swisscom has also decided to offer SBB FreeSurf to all of its customers. With effect from the timetable change on 12 December 2021, all Swisscom customers, postpaid and prepaid alike, will be able to use SBB FreeSurf.


“We want to make SBB FreeSurf available to all our customers,” says Friederike Hoffmann, Head of Connected Business Solutions. “The solution can be used by customers with a Swisscom subscription and by our prepaid customers. Prepaid customers in particular tend to go online less often because of the additional costs incurred when on the move.”


Reception is just as good with or without the app, as all data traffic is handled via the existing mobile network. Mobile data transmission is available to train customers free of charge via the app. Swisscom is also working with high priority to expand its mobile network across all rail routes.

How it works 

To use the SBB FreeSurf app, simply search for and download the SBB FreeSurf app from the App Store or Play Store, register and start surfing right away (provided you are travelling in a carriage bearing the SBB FreeSurf signage). Please note that, to enjoy free surfing on the train, you must start the app first, otherwise the data transfer will not be free.


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