Connect mobile network test

Swisscom wins connect mobile network test

The connect trade magazine has named Swisscom’s mobile network the best in Switzerland, giving it the highest score ever awarded in Switzerland. Swisscom scored 976 out of a possible 1000 points. This year, Swisscom customers have even received the best service worldwide according to connect. In 2021, no telecommunications provider rated higher than Swisscom in the international network tests conducted by connect and the umlaut measuring institute. The various awards Swisscom has picked up in tests this year clearly underline its position offering the best network and service quality.
Armin Schädeli
Armin Schädeli, Deputy Head of Media Relations
30 November 2021

“I am delighted with this sensational win. It serves to confirm our network strategy and is the product of many years of hard work and forward thinking,” says Christoph Aeschlimann, CTIO of Swisscom. “Thanks to our dedicated employees, we are thus achieving our goal of offering the best online customer experience for Switzerland.” This is the 12th year that Swisscom has won the connect mobile network test, this time recording the best results ever measured in Switzerland. Swisscom scored 976 out of a total 1000 points, coming top in all categories. Swisscom was thus awarded the best possible test rating of ‘outstanding’.


In its annual mobile network test, connect evaluated the categories ‘voice telephony’, ‘mobile data transmission’ and ‘crowdsourcing’. In the ‘voice telephony’ category, connect praised Swisscom’s top quality. connect also noted the exceptionally high performance offered by Swisscom on trains, which is far ahead of the competition. In summary, connect said: “A very strong Swisscom has topped the Swiss rankings for the fourth time in a row. Once again, the provider has outdone its previous year’s performance and is also powering ahead with 5G.”

Swisscom for best network and best service

Swisscom’s network and service have been winning across the board this year. In addition to the mobile network test, Swisscom also came top in the recent connect fixed-network test for 10 Gbit/s connections and was named the winner of the Chip network test and Ookla speed test. Swisscom has also been recognised for its service, achieving the top spot in this year’s connect Shop test. This success demonstrates that the consistent focus on offering top quality advice in the Swisscom Shops has paid off. Digital service is another area in which Swisscom is leading the field: in September 2021, the My Swisscom app was crowned the winner of the connect Service App Test.

Obstacles to continued mobile communication expansion

However, these positive results do not make up for the current challenges in network construction. The mobile communication expansion continues to be held up in many areas. The volume of data transferred continues to grow substantially and the expansion can no longer keep pace. For our customers to continue benefiting from excellent network quality in the future, rapid expansion is necessary with new mobile technologies.


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