The future is now: Swisscom launches blue, its first subscription for the digital generation

Combine, adjust and optimise the way you want: thanks to Swisscom blue, customers are more ready than ever to simply use all the opportunities of the digital world. Sam, the unique digital assistant, is also on hand to help. Anyone who opts to manage their subscription exclusively via the app will enjoy the Simply Digital benefit every month. Our most popular subscriptions now include gigabit speed at no extra cost for up to 1.9 million customers.

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Swisscom has set a number of trends in recent decades: the introduction of flat rates, the breakthrough of digital TV and, most recently, the customisable inOne subscription. With Swisscom blue, it is writing a new chapter in its history from 23 May. For speed, TV, telephone, roaming, security or entertainment – a simple click in the new My Swisscom app is all it takes to create a bespoke offer. No more than necessary, no less than needed – but exactly what is required. “It is more than just an offer for the digital generation; it represents the digitisation and individualisation of subscriptions for everyone. We have found a solution that is so simple that everyone can benefit,” explains Dirk Wierzbitzki, Head of Residential Customers and Member of the Management Board. “Swisscom blue is an offer that is unlikely to be paralleled anywhere in the world because the customer has all options at their fingertips.”

Best digital experience with the new app, assistant Sam and Simply Digital benefit

The easiest way to manage Swisscom blue is with the new My Swisscom app. For adjusting subscriptions, managing devices, booking entertainment and sport packages, ordering additional services or contacting customer support – the customer can do it all with the My Swisscom app. Support is covered too, thanks to the new digital assistant Sam. Using artificial intelligence, Sam is able to answer almost all enquiries. If necessary for individual cases, Sam can also call in the experts from customer support. If you use Sam as your first point of contact for support, you will benefit from a monthly discount of CHF 10.– on any Internet and mobile subscription with Simply Digital.

Faster speed and benefits for everyone: the changes at a glance

Not only does Swisscom blue offer customers a more flexible and attractive subscription, it also includes a wider range of services and a number of improved services.

Forever young: two new benefits are now available to all age groups.
If you use Sam as your first point of contact for support, you will benefit from a monthly discount of CHF 10.– on each subscription with Simply Digital. Of course, the usual hotline and advice in store will still be available to everyone else.If you combine Mobile & Home, you can benefit from a monthly loyalty benefit of CHF 20.– from the smallest subscription level S, and CHF 30.– for each additional mobile subscription (up to 4) in the same household. Including shared and cohabiting households.

Gigait speed at no extra cost: for the same price, the most popular subscriptions now offer Internet speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s instead of the previous 200 Mbit/s (inOne mobile go) or 300 Mbit/s (inOne home Internet M). Up to 1.9 million customers will automatically benefit from these changes at no extra cost.

More content, more recording capacity: blue TV now offers up to 2,000 hours of recording capacity. The blue Play media library, still free to customers from subscription level M, now comprises up to 10,000 films & series episodes, depending on the language region.

Security at the touch of a button: digital threats and attacks are increasing significantly, which is why cyber security is an integral part of Swisscom blue. Automatically and at no extra charge, all customers receive Swisscom Internet Guard, which warns of infected or scam sites. Several packages are now available for individual security needs. These range from antivirus and identity protection to checks and support for personal devices.

A good feeling at no extra cost: climate neutrality Swisscom is also the first Swiss provider to offer subscriptions that are completely climate neutral. Swisscom has greatly reduced its energy consumption over that past two decades, completely replacing oil and gas with 100% renewable energy and offsetting unavoidable CO2 emissions (caused by the manufacture of third-party devices, for example) through high-quality offsetting projects.

“A native digital offering that is not just for digital natives”

For Dirk Wierzbitzki, the benefits are clear: “This is a generational shift in every respect. For the digital generations, we have completely rethought subscriptions with Swisscom blue and at the same time made the new My Swisscom app consistently easy to use for all generations.” But for anyone who wants to keep things as they are, nothing has to change. Dirk Wierzbitzki: “For us, being ready also means being there for those who prefer not to communicate digitally. Nothing will change for them apart from the fact that they will benefit from improvements such as the free performance upgrade up to gigabit speed.”

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