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Ready for sustainable vibes

As the world’s most sustainable telco provider, Swisscom is committed to a more responsible approach to used mobiles. After all, there’s often more to old mobile phones than meets the eye – such as a ticket for a unique rave.

The Swisscom Ringtone Rave

Give your mobile a new lease of life as the first ringtone live set.

Alongside Animal Trainer, DeetronHonorée and R.EK, we will create unique DJ sets mixed with the ringtones from donated mobile phones.

Donate your old mobile to Swisscom Mobile Aid at your chosen Swisscom Shop and get exclusive tickets to the Ringtone Rave on 23 October at the Schüür in Lucerne for you and a friend (minimum age 18).


Ready for sustainable action

In Switzerland, we replace our smartphones with a new model on average every two years. Around 8 million unused old devices are gathering dust in a drawer somewhere.
Our positive second-life products allow you to make a valuable contribution to the circular economy. So, make the most of your old mobile today.

Sustainability topics

As Switzerland’s leading ICT company, we recognise our responsibility to support a sustainable future. We want to harness the opportunities of digital transformation for the prosperity of our country, while also minimising potential risks and shaping our future together with you. We develop the digital skills of people in Switzerland and establish fair supply chains, while protecting the climate and providing a reliable, high-performance ICT infrastructure.

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