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Your Swiss online storage

Swisscom myCloud

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Swisscom myCloud subscriptions

Discover our myCloud subscriptions for secure storage of your photos, videos and files.

Why save your data online?


Your photos, videos and data are backed up outside your devices.


You can access them any time from any device, anywhere in the world.

If you lose your phone or your laptop gets damaged, your data is safe in the cloud.

myCloud benefits for you

Photos and videos

  • Automatic backup of pictures and videos
  • Organise images by location
  • Create and share albums
  • View on Swisscom blue TV

Files and documents

  • Keep files safe
  • Share documents with friends
  • Access them anytime and anywhere - whether computer, tablet or mobile phone

Privacy and data protection

  • Your data is protected under the Swiss Data Protection Act
  • Your personal content is secured on Swisscom servers in Switzerland

How to use myCloud

myCloud Desktop

Connect your computer directly to online storage with the desktop app or access your files via the web.

myCloud App

Use all the myCloud functions on the move too.
Download the app.

myCloud Transfer

Share files easily without registering: myCloud Transfer lets you send files up to 5 GB using a link.

Any questions?

myCloud Help

Everything about myCloud in one place: the information you need and answers to your questions.

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myCloud courses

Take a free course to find out how to use myCloud and save your data in the cloud.