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blue Benefit

Combine blue Mobile and Internet and save.

blue Benefit

Combine blue Mobile and Internet and save..

Save on your Mobile subscription

Combine Mobile and Internet subscriptions and save 20.– per month

With blue Mobile and blue Internet, benefit from a 20.– discount on your Mobile subscription.

The rest of the household save 30.– per month

Up to 4 further people in the same household each benefit from a 30.– discount on their Mobile subscription.

Pricing example

How you save 50.– per month

Internet S
1st Mobile subscription: blue Mobile S

blue Benefit

- 20.–/mth.
2nd Mobile subscription: blue Mobile M

blue Benefit

- 30.–/mth.
Total 144.70/mth.

The blue Benefit couldn’t be easier

Which applies to you?
I don’t have a Swisscom Internet & Mobile subscription
I have a Swisscom Internet subscription at home
I have a Swisscom Mobile subscription

Benefit with a prepaid product

Combine a prepaid product with blue Internet and benefit from an additional 500 MB of high-speed data.

inOne mobile prepaid go

Unlimited surfing with 128 kbit/s
Unlimited SMS/MMS
Calls 0.29/min.

Price per 30 days
 with blue Benefit +500 MB data

inOne mobile prepaid young

 Call 5 numbers for free
Unlimited SMS/MMS
500 MB Highspeed, afterwards with 128 kbit/s

Price per 30 days
 with blue Benefit +500 MB data

Further information

You can take advantage of the blue Benefit when you combine an blue Internet with an blue Mobile S, M or L. You can also add 4 additional Mobile subscriptions belonging to other people who live in the same household as you to your blue Benefit. Each of these Mobile subscriptions then benefits from a discount of 30.– per month.

If you wish to take advantage of the new blue Benefit, you need to extend your Mobile subscriptions. You can do this by purchasing a smartphone that is discounted or on an instalment payment plan.

Go to smartphone offers

The previous benefit will remain in place if the subscription is not extended. Each extended subscription is eligible for the new blue Benefit benefit.

The person named on the Swisscom Internet contract adds everyone in the household with an blue Mobile S, M or L in My Swisscom

Not directly. The first phone number the subscription owner adds to the blue Benefit will receive a discount of 20.– /mth. The 2nd to 5th phone numbers receive a discount of 30.– /mth.

The blue Benefit is an open-ended offer. You can continue to enjoy the blue Benefit as long as you are part of the blue Benefit and have an blue Mobile S, M or L. If you are added to blue Benefit by another person, the blue Benefit is not part of your contract. The blue Benefit benefit is therefore not guaranteed (not even during the minimum contract period) and a discontinuation or reduction does not result in a special right of termination.

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