Directory enquiries and wake-up call service

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Get hold of the contact details you need quickly and reliably using 1811 directory enquiries – by phone or SMS.

1811 directory enquiries

Do you need a doctor’s phone number, the number for a furniture store or the address of a restaurant in your area? 1811 is Swisscom’s reliable, expert directory enquiries service, providing professional support when you're looking for up-to-date national and international addresses. Around the clock. Seven days a week. In German, French, Italian and English. On the phone and by SMS.

Contact 1811 by SMS

Send a text to 1811. You will receive an SMS with the contact details for the person you are looking for.

  • Send an SMS including the surname, first name, town/postcode to 1811.
  • Send an SMS with the telephone number of the person you are looking for to 1811.

The 1811 SMS enquiry can only provide addresses and telephone numbers that are listed in the telephone directory.

Charges for directory enquiries

Network access charge CHF 1.99
Cost per minute and
connection charge* 
CHF 1.99/Min.
Enquiry using surname,
first name and town   
CHF 1.-
Enquiry with phone
CHF 1.-

Please note:
Unsuccessful requests will also be charged.A tariff surcharge will be incurred for SMS enquiries from abroad. The surcharge corresponds to the standard price for sending an SMS from the country in question to Switzerland. More about international rates.

All prices incl. VAT

1145 for people with a visual or physical impairment

The 1145 directory enquiries service is available to people with visual impairments or physical disabilities. This is Swisscom’s professional directory enquiries service to support people with a physical disability. 

We offer professional support when searching for addresses and telephone numbers for people who, due to a physical disability, are unable to use the normal directories that are available. Around the clock. Seven days a week. In German, French, Italian and English. With whom may we connect you?


Would you like to register for the 1145 service? If so, you can be registered via your doctor, your advice centre or your association.The SZB (Swiss National Association of and for the Blind) coordinates registration for the visually impaired and Pro Infirmis does so for the mobility impaired.

Contact Pro Infirmis

Pro Infirmis
Feldeggstrasse 71
P.O. Box 1332
8032 Zürich
Tel. 058 775 20 00 in new tab)

Contact SNBA

Swiss National Association of and for the Blind
Niederlenzer Kirchweg 1
5600 Lenzburg
Tel. 062 888 28 70 in new tab)

Information services & wake-up calls

Speaking clock
0900 161 161 
CHF 0.50/Anruf
Automatic wake-up service
Please dial 0900 77, followed by
the four-digit wake-up time.Example: 0900 77 08 45 means you will get a wake-up call at 8:45 am.
0.50/single wake-up order (max. 3 calls)
Order for permanent
wake-up service
0848 800 150** CHF 1.- for placing, changing or cancelling an order.Plus the standard rate for fixed network calls to the operator. CHF 0.50 charged per wake-up order executed (max. 3 calls).

*All prices in CHF, incl. VAT
** Standard fixed network rate.

From abroad
Traffic information
163 CHF 0.90/call+
CHF 0.90/min.
+41 848 800 163
Roadside assistance
0800 140 140
Free of charge

*All prices in CHF including VAT

From abroad
Rega alarm number
CHF 0.20/call
+41 333 333 333
Air Glaciers alarm number
CHF 0.20/call
+41 27 329 14 15

*All prices in CHF including VAT

From abroad
Retrieve event information
0900 1600 00 
CHF 0.90/call +
CHF 0.90/min.
+41 848 80 1600

*All prices in CHF including VAT

​ The service RegioInfo 1600 will be discontinued as of December 31, 2023. We ask for your understanding and thank you for your many years of loyalty. For more information, see:

Send event information

RegioInfo automatically processes your message into an audio document and stores it centrally in the Swisscom network. Your target groups can access these messages by calling 0900 1600 00.

You can post information about events free of charge at or by phoning 0900 80 1600 (Mon - Sun 6:00 am–10:00 pm).


Qualified employees provide professional assistance with your enquiry.


You can reach us around the clock.


1811 replaces the previous 111 number. Your directory enquiries service since 1921.

Language skills

We are happy to help you in German, French, Italian or English.