1145 – The information services for people with visual or physical impairments

We offer professional support when searching for addresses and telephone numbers for people who, due to a physical disability, are unable to use the normal directories that are available. Around the clock. Seven days a week. In German, French, Italian and English. With whom may we connect you?


Would you like to register for the 1145 service? If so, you can be registered via your doctor, your advice centre or your association.
The SZB (Swiss National Association of and for the Blind) coordinates registration for the visually impaired and Pro Infirmis does so for the mobility impaired.

Contact Pro infirmis

Pro Infirmis
Feldeggstrasse 71
P.O. Box 1332
8032 Zürich
Tel. 058 775 20 00
Opens a new tabhttps://www.proinfirmis.ch(opens in new tab)

Contact SNAB

Swiss National Association of and for the Blind
Niederlenzer Kirchweg 1
5600 Lenzburg
Tel. 062 888 28 70
Opens a new tabhttps://www.snab.ch/snab(opens in new tab)


After successful registration, the information service for people with visual or physical disabilities is free of charge, only the call charges are charged based on the subscription.

The following prices apply to unauthorised persons:

Connection fee per call:     CHF      8
Call charge:                                  Depending on the subscription

All prices in CHF incl. VAT.


  • You will generally need to wait around two weeks after registering, before you can use the 1145 service.
  • There is no acknowledgement to show that a connection has been registered. The call charge display will show a fee even for registered connections. Please check your bill after registration to verify that the service has been successfully activated.
  • The 1145 service does not work with Mobile Prepaid.
  • Special case institutions (infirmaries, retirement and nursing homes):
    As the costs are always shown on the call charge display even for registered authorised persons, the institutions, such as infirmaries, retirement and nursing homes, may bill the user for all call charges, even though these do not appear on the invoice and do not need to be paid.