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Please complete the form below to order your iPhone. Ordering using this form will shorten the delivery time and ensure you get your iPhone as quickly as possible.**


Please complete the form in detail so that we can process your order without delay. By submitting your order, you confirm that you wish to purchase the new iPhone in accordance with the stated terms. Your order will be checked upon receipt and further processed, provided that all conditions are met.


** Only Priorité customers such as yourself may use this form to submit an order. As a rule, ordering in this way should lead to a shorter delivery time. In exceptional cases, however, the delivery may take the standard amount of time.


Depending on the subscription you choose, you can get the iPhone for less. See the details page of the iPhone model for the specific price.

You can pay in instalments if you already have an active mobile subscription or if you take out a new, active mobile subscription. The activation charge is waived for mobile subscriptions and costs CHF 59.90 for all other channels. The duration of the subscription corresponds to the duration specified in the instalment plan contract, namely either 12 or 24 months. Interest-free, no fees. The first bill will include any rounding difference. If you are already paying off another smartphone in instalments, the remaining amount will be billed all at once.

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By clicking on ‘Place a binding order’, you are ordering the iPhone and the services you have selected above and accept the associated warranty terms and contract provisions.