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Using the Voice Control: with voice control, you can address the Swisscom TV-Boxes through the microphone button or using the words “Hey Swisscom” (Swisscom Box only).

Using voice control

Voice control allows you to operate the Swisscom TV-Box (except for the TV-Box (HD)) with your voice. Press and hold the microphone button on your remote control while you give the command or ask your question. You can also activate the Swisscom Box directly by saying “Hey Swisscom”. Make sure that the microphone switch on the box is set to ON before you do this.

Overview of voice commands

You can use the voice commands to switch on the TV-Box from Swisscom, adjust the volume, control your Smart Home devices or perform other actions. If you have a Swisscom Box and wish to use the Voice Control without the remote control, say “Hey Swisscom” to the TV-Box, followed by the command. 

Operating blue TV “Switch on the TV.”
To fast-forward and rewind:  “Skip forward 10 minutes.”
To regulate the volume: “Volume down.”
To open apps: “Start Netflix.”
To play a programme from the beginning: “Watch from beginning.”
To record a programme: “Record the current programme.”
To change the channel: “Switch to SRF zwei.”
To play the next episode: “Next episode"
Fast-forward the adverts: “Skip adverts.”
To search by title: “Search for ‘Stromberg’.”
To search by genre: “I’d like to watch a crime drama.”
To search by actor: “Show me films starring Nicole Kidman.”
TV tips of the day: “What’s on TV today?” “Hey Swisscom, TV tips!”
To listen to the radio: “I’d like to listen to radio SRF 3.”
Weather: “What’s the weather like in Grindelwald?”

Activating voice control

“Hey Swisscom” for the Swisscom Box

If you have a Swisscom Box, you can activate and control it directly by saying “Hey Swisscom”. The first time you start up your Swisscom Box, the microphone in your box is automatically deactivated. To ensure that it responds to the “Hey Swisscom” activation phrase, you first need to activate the microphone switch on the side of the Swisscom Box.

The remote control microphone button

To use voice control with your Swisscom TV-Box is possible via the blue TV remote control. Simply press and hold the microphone button while you voice your command or ask your question. Accept the terms and conditions of use to activate voice control. You can deactivate voice control again at any time in the TV settings.


Using the Voice Assistant

With the exception of Centro Business, all Swisscom routers support voice control for your TV-Box.
Voice control via the microphone button is possible for all Swisscom TV-Boxes, except for the TV-Box (HD). The Swisscom Box can also be activated without buttons by speaking the phrase “Hey Swisscom”.

German, French, Italian and English – depending on your menu language. The Swisscom TV-Boxes understand Swiss German, but not in its initial setting. If you would like to give commands in Swiss German, you will need to adjust the voice recognition settings in Settings > Voice Assistant > Voice Recognition Language.

If the Swisscom Box fails to respond to your “Hey Swisscom” commands, check that the microphone on the box is switched on. Speak in clear, short sentences. Swisscom Box can understand you best if you are close to it.
Also make sure that the Swisscom Box is set up in a clearly visible position so the microphones can pick up your voice commands. If you place the Swisscom Box inside a TV cabinet, you will only be able to give your voice commands via the remote control.

Go to the ‘Video and Audio’ tab in your Swisscom Box settings (access via the Home button and the cogwheel in the top left). Change the ‘Audio/Sound’ settings from ‘Surround Sound’ to ‘Stereo’.
If the problem persists, change the position of the Swisscom Box. Make sure that the Swisscom Box is not positioned directly in front of the soundbar or TV speakers.

Processing of voice recordings (data protection)

There is no way for Swisscom to activate the microphones of your Swisscom Box or remote control autonomously. This means that no voice recordings will be transferred to Swisscom if the microphone is switched off.

When you use the Voice Assistant, your spoken commands and questions will be transmitted to and recorded by the Swisscom TV platform. These voice recordings are processed by a ‘voice and intent recognition system’ so that your voice commands can be executed.
Swisscom processes your voice recordings in order to improve and further develop the voice and intent recognition of the Voice Assistant. The types of processing that may be involved include collecting, storing, managing, transmitting, deleting and accessing voice recordings. The voice recordings are processed by automatic and non-automatic means. When processing for the purpose of improving and developing the Voice Assistant, the voice recordings will not be analysed with relation to personal information.

Swisscom is continually improving and further developing the Voice Assistant capabilities. Individual voice recordings may be listened to, transcribed and classified by Swisscom employees, or compared with automatically created transcription for this purpose. The voice recordings are processed by Swisscom exclusively in Switzerland as well as by selected partners in Switzerland and the EU. The processing of your voice recordings by humans for the purpose of improving and further developing the Voice Assistant will only be done by Swisscom employees – and only with your express consent. You can specify in the Voice Control settings on your Swisscom Box if you do not consent to your voice recordings being processed by humans.

You have the right to receive free, written information at any time about our processing of your personal data and to request its deletion. You may contact us to send your request for information in writing with a copy of your identity card or passport. If you do not request the deletion of your voice recordings, they will be stored for a maximum of 5 years. Note, however, that they will not be stored for any longer than required for the provision of the service and for the improvement of the voice and intent recognition of the Voice Assistant as well as for its further development. If the records are no longer needed for the intended purposes, they will be irrevocably deleted.

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