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TV-Box voice control

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Use voice control to interact with the TV-Box via the microphone button or activate the Swisscom Box by saying “Hey Swisscom”. Learn more about how to use it.

Using voice control

Voice control allows you to operate the Swisscom TV-Box (except for the TV-Box (HD)) with your voice. Press and hold the microphone button on your remote control while you give the command or ask your question. You can also activate the Swisscom Box directly by saying “Hey Swisscom”. Make sure that the microphone switch on the box is set to ON before you do this.

Overview of voice commands

You can use the voice commands to switch on the TV-Box, adjust the volume, control your Smart Home devices or perform other actions. If you have a Swisscom Box and wish to use the Voice Assistant without the remote control, say “Hey Swisscom” to the TV-Box, followed by the command.

Operating blue TV

Home network & Smart Home

Other services

Activating voice control

“Hey Swisscom” for the Swisscom Box

If you have a Swisscom Box, you can activate and control it directly by saying “Hey Swisscom”. The first time you start up your Swisscom Box, the microphone in your box is automatically deactivated. To ensure that it responds to the “Hey Swisscom” activation phrase, you first need to activate the microphone switch on the side of the Swisscom Box.

The remote control microphone button

Voice control for the TV-Box is possible via the blue TV remote control. Simply press and hold the microphone button while you voice your command or ask your question. Accept the terms and conditions of use to activate voice control. You can deactivate voice control again at any time in the TV settings.


Using the Voice Assistant

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Processing of voice recordings (data protection)

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