Immediate assistance

Are you no longer able to send or receive e-mails? Find the right solution interactively and step by step.

Problems with your e-mail program? Open Bluewin E-Mail in Webmail. You will need your Swisscom Login for this. 

Sie können keine E-Mails mehr versenden und empfangen? Finden Sie interaktiv und Schritt für Schritt die passende Lösung.

Ihr E-Mail-Programm funktioniert nicht? Öffnen Sie Bluewin E-Mail im Webmail. Dazu brauchen Sie Ihr Swisscom Login.

Fix e-mail problems

In your Webmail, check how much storage space you are currently using. For more storage space, switch to a higher e-mail subscription or delete the e-mails that you have sent and received and no longer need.

Find out how

Check which is your primary e-mail account in My Swisscom. It is possible that your additional accounts were deactivated when you moved to a lower subscription.

Go to My Swisscom(opens in new tab)

In My Swisscom, you can see whether your Bluewin E-Mail subscription has been paid.

Go to My Swisscom(opens in new tab)

If Webmail will not load and your e-mails are not displayed in Webmail, empty the cache and delete the cookies. The process for this depends on the web browser.

Repair e-mail program

  • Your Bluewin e-mail address
  • Your e-mail password (not the same as your Swisscom Login password)

You set the password when you created your e-mail address. Forgotten your password? Create a new one in My Swisscom(opens in new tab).

If you set up your e-mail program on the device using IMAP, follow these instructions. 

If you set up your e-mail program on the mobile phone or tablet using Exchange, follow these instructions. 

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