Bluewin e-mail not working

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Resolve problems with your Bluewin e-mail and fix problems with e-mail settings so you can send and receive e-mails again.

Fix e-mail problems online   

Are you no longer able to send or receive e-mails? Or are you experiencing login problems? The automatic technical assistance in My Swisscom can help you fix the problem.  

Follow the instructions to fix the problem

  • Your Bluewin e-mail address
  • Your e-mail password (not the same as your Swisscom Login password)

You set the password when you created your e-mail address. Forgotten your password? Create a new one in My Swisscom(opens in new tab).

For which device do you need instructions?

Webmail and expert help

You can access your Bluewin inbox any time through Webmail. You will need your Swisscom Login for this.

We can help you in the Swisscom Shop, on the phone or on site (charges apply). 

Help from the Swisscom Community

Couldn't find an answer? Ask the Swisscom Community. More than 10,000 active users are waiting to help you.