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Your free Bluewin e-mail address

Create a free Swisscom e-mail address and access your account from anywhere. Your e-mails, contacts and appointments are kept safe and protected from viruses, spam and phishing.

With a Swisscom Internet subscription Your Swisscom Internet subscription automatically includes Bluewin e-mail basic. If you would also like to use Bluewin e-mail in Webmail ad-free, you can switch to Bluewin e-mail pro.

Bluewin e-mail basic

5 e-mail addresses
each with 5 GB memory
Adverts in Webmail
For all with Swisscom Internet

Price per month

Bluewin e-mail pro

5 e-mail addresses
each with 15 GB memory
For all with Swisscom Internet

Price per month
CHF 1.90

With no Swisscom Internet subscription or as an add-on Without Swisscom Internet, you can choose between the free option Bluewin e-mail light and the fee-based Bluewin e-mail advanced. You can also add Bluewin e-mail advanced to your Internet subscription if you would like more e-mail addresses and storage.

Bluewin e-mail light

1 e-mail address
1 GB memory
Adverts im Webmail
For everyone

Price per month

Bluewin e-mail advanced

10 e-mail addresses
each with 25 GB memory
For everyone

Price per month

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