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Social Media Netiquette

Everyone is invited to join and share our social media channels. You can post your input and photos on subjects in the different channels. We look forward to your feedback.

We welcome your ideas, comments and suggestions for improvement. Please note that visitors’ contributions do not represent the views of Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd or Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd employees and business partners.

On our social media channels we address the users informally, as it is custom for these media. Should someone wish to be addressed more formally, we will naturally respect this.

By interacting with Swisscom on social media, you consent to these terms and conditions of use which also apply in addition to those you have accepted on the respective social media platform.

Swisscom regards posting of the following content on Swisscom social media channels as unacceptable and reserves the right to instantly remove such content on knowledge thereof.

We will not tolerate

  • Uploading offensive, obscene, pornographic, threatening, inflammatory, discriminatory, racist or insulting content on Swisscom social media channels or content that is injurious to third parties, misleading, unlawful or in breach of third-party rights (including their copyright and personal rights)
  • Uploading content that contains direct or indirect advertising for third-party products
  • Activities that impair the proper functioning of a social media channel or uploading files containing malware or similar
  • Corrupting or deleting correct source references related to contributions
  • Uploading content to which you do not have the required proprietary rights
  • Using Swisscom copyrights and trademarks (e.g. Swisscom logo) without Swisscom’s prior written consent
  • The publishing of chat histories that are conducted via Direct Messenger (private chat) with Swisscom, without the written consent of the Swisscom social media agent