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Multi Device

Multi Device

One subscription for several devices

One contract. One telephone number.
Surf and make calls on up to three devices.

Only with

Master device

1 additional device*

2 additional devices*

inOne (SME) mobile XL
inOne (SME/XTRA) mobile L



inOne (SME/XTRA) mobile M
inOne (SME/XTRA) mobile S
inOne (SME) mobile XS



Switch to Multi Device in a few easy steps


Order a Multi Device SIM for each additional device.

You don’t need a Multi Device SIM for eSIM devices like the new Apple Watch.


Call up with the master device and activate Multi Device.


Surf and make calls on the master and additional device with your inOne mobile subscription.

Functions at a glance

Master device
with inOne mobile subscription

Additional device(s)*

Surfing within Switzerland

Unlimited surfing

1 additional device: 20 GB per month
2 additional devices: 40 GB per month for both additional devices combined

The surfing speed depends on your subscription

Making calls in Switzerland



Suring and making calls abroad

The inclusive units and roaming days for inOne mobile subscriptions can be used for both the master device and the additional device.

Domestic and international SMS/MMS

Unlimited in Switzerland
Depends on inOne subscription abroad

It is not possible to send or receive SMS/MMS

Questions & Answers

How does Multi Device work?

With Multi Device up to 3 devices with a SIM slot or eSIM can connect to the mobile network simultaneously. In this way your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch are ready for you to go online or make phone calls with the phone number of your inOne mobile subscription at any time.


How do I activate Multi Device for my Apple Watch?

You can activate Multi Device in just a few easy steps. How it works


Can I use Multi Device together with other people?

Multi Device is intended for individual customers. All devices can be reached using the same telephone number. Anyone with access to your additional device can use your services at home and abroad and has access to the Cockpit for example. They can make changes to the settings for your devices there. We recommend the new inOne products for people in the same household.


Can I use WhatsApp and iMessage simultaneously on both devices?

Swisscom assumes no liability or guarantee for the function of third-party services (such as third-party instant messaging or apps) with Multi Device. WhatsApp currently only supports the use of WhatsApp accounts with one number on one device (as at April 2017). iMessage supports Multi Device. To receive iMessages and SMS on several devices you need to set up your Apple ID in your Apple device settings.


*Multi Device is an additional service for an inOne mobile subscription and requires a special SIM for each additional device. Once activated the Multi Device option cannot be cancelled until the end of the following month (minimum service period). It may then be cancelled at any time, monthly fees being billed on a pro rata basis.
After 12 months without Multi Device option activation or SIM deactivation without re-activation within 12 months, the SIM is invalidated and can no longer be used.
• Same-time calls on the master and additional device are not possible.
• Sending/receiving SMS/MMS is not possible on the additional device.
• Once the 20/40 GB is used up, Multi Device users can continue to surf for free on additional device(s) at reduced speed.
• The additional device can be used as part of the respective inOne mobile subscription, taking advantage of the available roaming credit (days/data volume). Only 1 roaming day is debited for same-day use of the master and additional device.
• Swisscom assumes no liability or guarantee for the function of third-party services (such as third-party instant messaging or apps) with Multi Device.
• Multi Device is not available for Liechtenstein connections with +423 as prefix.