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Gaming Accessories

A gaming mouse is an essential accessory for any PC gamer. Unlike a regular mouse, gaming mice offer a higher sampling rate and more precise control, which is especially beneficial for fast movements and reactions in games. Many gaming mice also feature programmable buttons and customizable lighting options.

Swisscom is committed to gaming and has launched several initiatives to improve the gaming experience for everyone. The Swisscom Hero League(opens in new tab) is an e-sports league organized by Swisscom in which the best players in Switzerland compete in various games. The league has already held many successful events and has become an important meeting place for the Swiss gaming community.

Swisscom is also committed to the topic of gaming and children(opens in new tab) and works to ensure that children can play safely and responsibly. On the Swisscom website, parents can find a variety of resources and information to support their children in gaming, including tips on monitoring gaming time and choosing suitable games. Swisscom works closely with other organizations to ensure that the Swiss gaming community grows in a healthy and sustainable way.