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Memory cards and & Micro SD cards

Is your smartphone memory full again, leaving you unable to take photos or capture a special moment by video? With a memory card – most often referred to as SD cards – you can create more storage for your data. There are a number of different storage formats. The most common are cards in Secure Digital(SD) format. The standard SD card format fits most cameras, laptops and PCs with a card reader. SD cards are compatible with the smaller Micro SD cards, which are required for smartphones. You simply need an adapter here, which is generally included with your phone accessories.

Memory cards come with varying amounts of storage space for your photos, videos and data. Standard SD cards without expansion offer 2 GB memory maximum, which is not sufficient for large amounts of data such as photos and videos. SDHC (SD High-Capacity) memory cards are more suitable for these as they offer up to 32 GB. And SDXC models (SD Extended Capacity) theoretically offer up to 2 TB.