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Covers, PanzerGlass & screen protectors

Protective cover to prevent breaks and scratches

Small scratches from sharp objects or a shattered screen after being dropped: every day, your device screen is exposed to many different risks. Protect your smartphone or tablet screen with an anti-scratch screen protector to prevent damage. You will find covers and PanzerGlass from PanzerGlass, Displex, Eiger and Thor. Find the screen protector you need for your device.

Matching accessories for your smartphone

If, like most people, your smartphone is one of your most precious belongings, then it’s important to protect it. This is why it is advisable not only to buy a screen protector for your device, but also to protect the whole device in a phone case – a Bugatti leather case perhaps or with a Galeli mobile strap. And to combat soiling, it is worth cleaning the mobile regularly with a cleaning cloth or using a disinfection box.