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  • 3.0 channel soundbar
  • Sound for music / TV / films and more
  • Crystal-clear dialogues with speech enhancement
  • Easy pairing with the TV and remote control
  • AirPlay-compatible with iOS devices
The new Beam generation offers an improved, even more captivating sound experience with the usual acoustic architecture and also supports Dolby Atmos. Control everything easily using the Sonos app, TV remote, numerous voice assistants, Apple AirPlay, music services apps and more.

3D audio with Dolby Atmos
The Beam now offers 3D sound with Dolby Atmos. You will feel as though planes are flying right above you, someone is walking through your room or will be surrounded by film music from all sides.

Improved sound, same size
The faster processor provides even more impressive sound with greater depth and clarity. Thanks to the improved mid-range driver in a line array, the Beam fills the room with sound for an authentic experience. The speaker can now be connected to your TV via HDMI eARC, so you can experience your favourite films and games in even more immersive HD sound.

More elegant design
Available in white or black, the new polycarbonate front with precise perforations provides impressive sound and allows the speaker to be perfectly integrated into your home.

Simple, even more reliable setup
Setup is child’s play with just two cables and the new NFC features, so you can enjoy an impressive sound experience in minutes.

Sustainable sound
The new Beam comes in sustainable packaging made of high-quality, uncoated paper or gift packaging made from 97% sustainable paper, without disposable polystyrene.

You can send ordered items back by post in the original, sealed and unopened packaging within 14 days, free of charge. It is not possible to return items if the original packaging has been opened or is no longer sealed, or if the 14-day period has expired.

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