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  • Calls
  • Voice and text messages
  • GPS
  • Pedometer
  • 5-megapixel camera
  • 8 GB memory
  • 1.52-inch display
  • Additional ringtones and clock faces from the Xplora activity platform

How does the X6Play work?
The Xplora X6Play smartwatch keeps the whole family connected. This clever alternative to smartphones for children features a SIM card that supports making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages, and transmission of your child’s current location via GPS. Thanks to the Xplora parent companion app for your smartphone, you can keep an eye on everything: connect the watch to the app and set pre-approved contacts for your kids to communicate with via the smartwatch, configure school mode and define individual safe zones specifically for your child.

The safe alternative to smartphones for children
Would you like your child to be able to call you when away from home without needing their own mobile phone? The X6Play smartwatch for kids offers a safe solution: they can use it to make phone calls and send (voice) messages, but not surf the Internet. The Xplora smartwatch offers only the features that a child really needs. Making calls with the kids’ smartwatch is easy – you simply tap the touchscreen.

Define set safe zones for your child using the GPS tracker
For peace of mind when your child is out and about. With the X6Play’s GPS tracking, you can effortlessly track your child’s real-time location. You can also use the Xplora parent app on your smartphone to set up safety zones specifically for your child. You have full control over the radius of these safe zones. When your child enters or leaves these areas, the Kids’ Watch detects this and sends a notification to your smartphone. This enables you to see right away when your child has arrived safely at school or react quickly if your child has got lost or needs your support.

Kids’ smartwatch with school mode
Using the Xplora app, you can easily set school mode for your child. This automatically puts the smartwatch into sleep mode during lesson times, which means that your child cannot do anything active – such as making calls, reading or sending messages with the X6Play. The watch then only shows the time, to ensure that your child is not distracted during lessons. The SOS button remains functional in school mode so that your child can quickly call for help in an emergency. You can still see your child’s location via the app. Thanks to our school mode feature, the Xplora smartwatch is more popular with schools than other kids’ smartwatches.

SOS button on the Kids’ Watch
If your child needs you, they can simply press and hold down the SOS button on the X6Play Kids Smartwatch for five seconds. This will call the two family members you have designated as admins in the app, one after the other. Thanks to the GPS feature, your child’s location is also transmitted to both admins via a push notification.

GPS kids’ watch with pedometer
To ensure that children don’t miss out on the fun of wearing the Xplora Watch, your child can collect Xplora Coins on our activity platform as a reward based on their step count. The coins can then be used to bid for cool products or in exchange for exciting, child-friendly online content or new ringtones for the smartwatch. Simply register your child on the activity platform via the parent app. Platform content cannot be viewed on the X6Play Kids Smartwatch. It requires a device with a browser, such as a PC, laptop or tablet. With the integrated pedometer and activity platform, we promote a healthy balance between screen time and physical activity and give children an incentive to stay active.

Children want to have their own mobile, while parents want to be able to contact their nearest and dearest at any time. Is your child still too young for its own mobile phone? You can also make phone calls, send voice messages and much more with a smartwatch. Discover our latest mobiles, smartwatches and tablets for children and choose the right subscription for your child.

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Internal Storage Size 8 GB
Megapixel Camera 5 MP
Display Resolution 360 X 400 px
Standby time 0 h
Weight 0.06 kg
Display Size 1.50 inch
Operating System Android
Dimension 51 X 42.4 X 14.7 mm
  • Xplora X6 Play eSIM Watch
  • 2 Frames und 2 Loops Lime & Pink
  • Charging station
  • Welcome Letter
  • Quick Start Guide

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blue Kids Watch

With the blue Kids Watch subscription, your smartwatch gets its own telephone number and you can make telephony calls independently of your smartphone.

  • Telephony and SMS: Unlimited in Switzerland
  • Mobile data in Switzerland: 1 GB of fast surfing per month, then unlimited with reduced speed
  • Worldwide every month: 30 min. telephony, 300 MB data, 30 SMS
  • Surfing speed: 1 Mbit/s download

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