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blue TV L

  • 330+ channels
  • 7-day Replay
  • 2000 h recording
  • Incl. blue Play Videothek mit exklusiven Premium-Serien, Schweizer Kinofilmen, Kinderprogrammen und internationalen TV-Inhalten von bekannten Mediatheken.

Price per month

for 6 months, then 34.90


330+ TV channelsHD reception depends on the performance of your connection.
300+ Radio stations
12 Premium UHD channels UHD reception depends on the performance of your connection.
Discover the channels(opens in new tab)
7 daysWatch programmes up to seven days after broadcast.
Pause, fast-forward/rewindYou can pause and fast-forward or rewind Replay programmes any time.
2000 hours simultaneous programme recording, of which 500 hours can be archived  
7 days recording past programmesRecord programmes up to seven days after broadcast  
2 years storage periodNon-archived recordings are automatically moved to the recycle bin after 2 years, where they can be restored for 30 days and thus archived.  

Pause live programmes and continue watching later.

Video library with exclusive premium series, Swiss films, children's programmes and international TV content from well-known media libraries.

Credit Suisse Super League (Nationale Schweizer Fussball-Liga) for 7.90/event
UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and all other international football leagues for 7.90/event
All other sports for 7.90/event

Over 6,000 top films from 3.50/filmHD films from 4.50/film, UHD films from 6.50/film. 48-hour rental, with Dolby Digital 5.1.

Watch blue TV on up to five TVs at the same time. With the Swisscom Box 21 or Apple TV 4K on all TV devices for the best blue TV experience. Or on smart TVs via the blue TV app.

5.–/mth for each additional television set

UHD (Ultra High Definition): Swisscom Box 21Crystal-clear picture with razor-sharp details thanks to 4 times more pixels than Full HD
Requirement for UHD reception:Internet speed of at least 40 Mbit/s and a UHD-ready television set.
HDR (High Dynamic Range): Swisscom Box 21 & Apple TV 4KEven greater picture vibrance thanks to heightened contrast and colour intensity
Frame rate: Up to 50 frames/secEven smooth motions and image transition thanks to more frames per second

With the blue TV Air app, you can also enjoy your Swisscom blue TV on your tablets, PCs or mobiles.

330+ TV channelsCrystal-clear picture with razor-sharp details.
7 days replayWatch programmes up to seven days after broadcast.
2'000 hours recordingProgram and play recordings and series recordings.
Recordings abroadRecordings can be viewed abroad over a WLAN connection.
Over 4,000 top films on demand from 3.50/filmOn PC/laptop: for 48-hour lease term. HD and Dolby Digital unavailable.
Remote control (app)Your smartphone or tablet become a remote control.
Data costs included (app)Customers without a NATEL® subscription pay additional data transmission costs for reception over the mobile network or third-party providers. There may be data roaming costs for customers with a NATEL® subscription who watch recordings abroad.
Free of advertsNo adverts when you change channel.
Easy-to-use remote control with the Swisscom Box 21Just a few buttons, Swiss design, no requirement for line of vision to TV-Box (Bluetooth).
Personal recommendationsProgramme tips based on your preferences and our editor's tips.
TV-GuideClever TV Guide with tips, fast filter functions and magazine layout.
< 1 Sec channel change with the Swisscom Box 21Ultra fast channel surfing.
Individual channel sequenceSet up your personal channel sequence for every user (max. 5).
< 5 Sec start-up timeThe TV-Box is fully operational in just a few moments.
Protection of minors Simply set age limits for movies and channels.
Cost controlYou have the option to set limits for paid content.
Data protectionYour recordings are securely hosted in a Swisscom data center in Switzerland.

Options & additional packages

It's easy to add options to your Swisscom blue TV.

500 hours of additional archive memory. Save your favourite recordings permanently in the archive. Normal recordings expire when memory is full or after 2 years. Available for TV Box, App and Web.

Top Deutsch+ for 9.-/mth.The programme package with family cinema, series, documentaries, sport and music.
Top Français+ for 9.-/mth.The programme package with family cinema, series, documentaries, sport and music.
Top Italiano+ for 9.-/mth.The programme package with family cinema, series, documentaries, sport and music.
Top Deutsch+ for 9.-/mth.
Top Français+ for 9.-/mth.
Top Italiano+ for 9.-/mth.
Language package Español+ for 15.-/mth.The 4 best Latin American entertainment channels with telenovelas, feature films, documentaries, talk shows and sport.
Language package Português+ for 5.-/mth.Well-known Portuguese channel SIC Internacional.
Language package Português XL for 10.-/mth.News, documentaries, shows, series, telenovelas, sitcoms - the best television in Portugal.
Language package Pink Plus for 25.-/mth.The package with 5 attractive Serbian channels.
Language package Albanica+ for 19.-/mth.KTV, RTV21 Sat and Klan Kosova: news, feature films, series and children's programmes .
Language package Bosna+ for 13.-/mth.Hayat Plus + Hayat Folk: news, documentaries, sport + music.
Language package Russia+ for 25.-/mth.News, feature films, series and children's programmes
Language package Star India+ for 20.-/mth.The top three Indian star channels: bollywood films, game shows
blue Max for 19.90/mth.
blue Doku for 9.90/mth.
blue Sport for 29.90/mth.