Swisscom & Cloud Native: The Journey continues

Cloud Native

Swisscom & Cloud Native: The Journey continues

“We had planned it so well” – a sentence which we have often heard and probably also frequently used ourselves during the digital transformation process. In other words, developments are occurring at an ever-increasing rate, the market is constantly changing, and we have to keep up the pace. Cloud native is a specialist field which we have considerable experience in but still endeavour to develop further, so joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in January 2021 was a logical step for us.

The cloud native market is developing quickly

In recent years, Kubernetes(opens in new tab) has established itself as an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerised applications. We followed this trend at an early stage with our cloud, Kubernetes and OpenShift services. Kubernetes, which was originally designed by Google and later donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation(opens in new tab) (CNCF), is a system which we have been using as standard in the production of our services for many years. We can apply the expert knowledge developed therefrom in a way which benefits our customers. It was therefore a logical step for us to join CNCF on 1 January 2021 and become an active member of this community.

What is the Cloud Native Computing Foundation?

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation(opens in new tab) (CNCF) brings together the world’s top developers, end users, and vendors and runs the largest open-source developer conferences. CNCF serves as the vendor-neutral home for many of the fastest-growing open-source projects, including Kubernetes. The focus is on enabling different solutions and offering building blocks, based entirely on the principle of “less is more”. CNCF is part of the non-profit Linux Foundation(opens in new tab).

We want to help to actively shape the community

By joining CNCF, Swisscom wants to make an even more active contribution to the cloud native movement in Switzerland and help shape the future of the community. Membership of CNCF also perfectly complements our long-standing membership of the Cloud Foundry Foundation(opens in new tab) (CFF): since Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for new infrastructure and various projects offer useful functions, Cloud Foundry’s ecosystem is now in the process of also integrating these components. Cloud Foundry will run on Kubernetes, in order to offer the best “cf push” experience for developers.

What is the Cloud Foundry Foundation?

The Cloud Foundry Foundation(opens in new tab) (CFF) is a non-profit open-source project which pursues the goal of making Cloud Foundry the world’s leading application platform for cloud computing. The Foundation has also set itself the objective of creating a lively community of participants and creating coherence in terms of the strategy and actions across all member companies for the benefit of the project.

We look back on it with joy

A lot of time has passed since CFF was founded, and we can look back on five eventful years. We currently operate about 40,000 containers on the Cloud Foundry platform. Our Application Cloud has long been den zertifizierten Cloud Foundry Plattformen(opens in new tab). Swisscom is also a very active member of the Cloud Foundry Community. In the past, we regularly gave presentations at the Cloud Foundry Summits and acted as sponsors. In addition, two of our members are Cloud Foundry ambassadors.

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