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Shareholder’s Meeting

  • Shareholders’ Meeting of 2 April 2019

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Swisscom has performed well again.

At Swisscom's 20th Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, which serves as the supreme controlling body of Swisscom, it was confirmed that, in 2017, Swisscom once again performed well in a challenging environment. The shareholders have approved all motions of the Board of Directors with a clear majority.


The 2018 Shareholders’ Meeting live

The 20th Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting was broadcast live on 4 April 2018. In our video of the event, you can watch and hear all the speakers and presentations in full. You can go directly to individual agenda items and view the presented slides.

Total length: 2:24:03

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hansueli Loosli

“We have performed well in the face of stiff competition.”

In his speech at the SM 2018, Hansueli Loosli, Chairman of the Board of Directors, describes how Swisscom performed well in a challenging environment in the face of increasingly aggressive competition. “We are the number 1 and that's where we want to stay.” He elaborates on how Swisscom can achieve this in his remarks on the company's strategy. In his financial outlook, he forecasts stable development for the company.



CEO Urs Schaeppi

"Sound business despite high pressure."

In his speech at the 2018 SM, CEO Urs Schaeppi describes the measures taken by Swisscom to successfully meet all the challenges of the previous fiscal year. “In 2018, we are going to pool our resources to generate new growth,” he explains in his outlook for the new fiscal year. He is confident that Swisscom will once again meet all its ambitious goals.

Minutes of the Shareholders’ Meeting

Written transcript of the 2018 Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting.

Shareholders’ Meeting Voting Results

Shareholder voting results.

Shareholder’s Meeting 2019

The 21st Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting of Swisscom Ltd takes place on Tuesday, 2 April 2019 in Basel. Further information will be available on this page at the beginning of 2019.


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