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Shareholder’s Meeting 2019

Solid performance in its anniversary year

In 2018, twenty years since its foundation, Swisscom continued its solid performance despite the highly competitive environment. At the 21st Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, held on 2 April 2019 in Basel, shareholders approved all motions of the Board of Directors with a clear majority.


The 2019 Shareholders’ Meeting live

The 21st Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting was broadcast live on 2 April 2019. In our video of the event, you can watch and hear all the speakers and presentations in full. You can go directly to individual agenda items and view the presented slides.
Total length: 2:25:05

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hansueli Loosli

"Still meeting targets in our anniversary year."

In his speech at the 2019 Shareholders’ Meeting, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hansueli Loosli spoke about how Swisscom had met its targets and successfully defended its strong market position once again in its 20th year.“We want to grow –both in our core business and new areas of business.” In terms of the strategy, he illustrated the opportunities offered by a challenging market environment. In his outlook, he forecast stable business performance for the company.



CEO Urs Schaeppi

"A solid performance despite the challenging environment."

In his speech at the 2019 Shareholders’ Meeting, CEO Urs Schaeppi focused on the factors that contributed to Swisscom’s success over the past year. “The aim for 2019 is to further consolidate our market position.” In his outlook for 2019, he focused on new and attractive products that will enable Swisscom to continue to meet customer expectations in 2019.

Minutes of the Shareholders’ Meeting

Written transcript of the 2019 Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting.

Shareholders’ Meeting Voting Results

Shareholder voting results.



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