The Swisscom share

The Swisscom share is listed on the Swiss Market Index, comprising the largest and most liquid stocks traded on the Swiss stock exchange. As well as being listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange, the securities are also traded over-the-counter by the BNY Mellon in the US. The Swisscom share enjoys a sound reputation on the capital market with attractive dividends.

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Total shareholder return is calculated from the share price development and the dividend. Total return shows the share price development including reinvested dividend for the given period.


Swisscom pursues a stable dividend policy in harmony with cash flow and capital allocation. This has remained at CHF 22 per share since 2011 and corresponds to an average dividend yield of over four percent per year. Swisscom plans to propose an unchanged dividend of CHF 22 per share for the fiscal year 2024 on achieving the financial targets of the next General Meeting of Shareholders.

Return calculator

You can use the return calculator to calculate the current value and income from your investments in Swisscom shares. You can calculate performance on the basis of number of shares purchased or invested amount.

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Swisscom's strategy, business performance and market situation are subject to continual assessment by analysts from the leading financial institutions. Their recommendations can be summarised as follows:







(Source: Bloomberg, 08.04.2024)

The recommendations listed below are updated on an ongoing basis. This list is not definitive. The analysts' opinions are based on their estimates and assumptions and are not necessarily shared by Swisscom.

Update Bank Analyst Phone Number Recommendation
08.04.24 Citi Georgios Ierodiaconou +44 207 986 4086 Neutral
05.04.24 AlphaValue/Baader Jean-Michel Salvador +49 619 6761 3218 Reduce
02.04.24 Bernstein Nuno Vaz +44 20 7676 7172 Outperform
27.03.24 HSBC Luigi Minerva +44 207 336 3276 Buy
27.03.24 Morningstar Javier Correonero +1 877 626 3227 Sell
27.03.24 BNP Paribas Exane Joshua Mills +44 203 430 8670 Outperform
27.03.24 Barclays Maurice Patrick +44 203 134 3622 Underweight
26.03.24 Morgan Stanley Nawar Cristini +34 9141 81217 Overweight
25.03.24 Berenberg Usman Ghazi +44 20 3207 7824 Hold
18.03.24 Research Partners Reto Huber +41 44 533 40 30 Hold
01.03.24 Redburn Steve Malcolm +44 207 000 2195 Sell
20.02.24 LBBW Bettina Deuscher +49 711 127 76791 Hold
10.02.24 Bank Vontobel Mark Diethelm +41 44 283 7182 Hold
09.02.24 Goldman Sachs Andrew J Lee +44 207 774 1383 Sell
08.02.24 New Street Research Russell Waller +44 207 375 9125 Neutral
Update 08.04.24
Bank Citi
Analyst Georgios Ierodiaconou
Phone Number +44 207 986 4086
Recommendation Neutral
Update 05.04.24
Bank AlphaValue/Baader
Analyst Jean-Michel Salvador
Phone Number +49 619 6761 3218
Recommendation Reduce
Update 02.04.24
Bank Bernstein
Analyst Nuno Vaz
Phone Number +44 20 7676 7172
Recommendation Outperform
Update 27.03.24
Analyst Luigi Minerva
Phone Number +44 207 336 3276
Recommendation Buy
Update 27.03.24
Bank Morningstar
Analyst Javier Correonero
Phone Number +1 877 626 3227
Recommendation Sell
Update 27.03.24
Bank BNP Paribas Exane
Analyst Joshua Mills
Phone Number +44 203 430 8670
Recommendation Outperform
Update 27.03.24
Bank Barclays
Analyst Maurice Patrick
Phone Number +44 203 134 3622
Recommendation Underweight
Update 26.03.24
Bank Morgan Stanley
Analyst Nawar Cristini
Phone Number +34 9141 81217
Recommendation Overweight
Update 25.03.24
Bank Berenberg
Analyst Usman Ghazi
Phone Number +44 20 3207 7824
Recommendation Hold
Update 18.03.24
Bank Research Partners
Analyst Reto Huber
Phone Number +41 44 533 40 30
Recommendation Hold
Update 01.03.24
Bank Redburn
Analyst Steve Malcolm
Phone Number +44 207 000 2195
Recommendation Sell
Update 20.02.24
Analyst Bettina Deuscher
Phone Number +49 711 127 76791
Recommendation Hold
Update 10.02.24
Bank Bank Vontobel
Analyst Mark Diethelm
Phone Number +41 44 283 7182
Recommendation Hold
Update 09.02.24
Bank Goldman Sachs
Analyst Andrew J Lee
Phone Number +44 207 774 1383
Recommendation Sell
Update 08.02.24
Bank New Street Research
Analyst Russell Waller
Phone Number +44 207 375 9125
Recommendation Neutral

Analyst consensus Q1 2024

The analyst consensus (publication date 9 April 2024) presents the average expected value of key performance indicators based on analyst estimates between 26 March 2024 and 8 April 2024.

Analyst consensus Q1 2024(opens in new tab)

Ownership structure

After completion of the final share buyback in 2006 and the implemented capital reduction (by 4.9 million shares), Swisscom has had a static 51.8 million shares since 2009. The Swiss Confederation significantly reduced its holding in 2013 (by 5.6%). Today, Swisscom's majority shareholder holds 51% of the shares.

Total number of shares issued 2004 to today

Five good reasons for investing in Swisscom

Become a Swisscom shareholder and invest in a company with a long-standing track record in the future markets of technology, communication and entertainment.


Through its four buyback programmes in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2006, Swisscom reimbursed a total of CHF 10.4 billion to shareholders. In addition to the dividends in the 2000, 2001 and 2002 fiscal years CHF 8 per share or CHF 1.6 billion was paid out in the form of tax-free capital reductions.

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Independent ratings assess Swisscom’s corporate responsibility, standardised according to ESG criteria, and ensure that the environmental impact, social aspects and governance of our activity are transparent and comparable.

Tax value

Per share in CHF


The opinions, estimates and forecasts of analysts, and the consensus information presented derived from it, regarding Swisscom’s performance are the analysts’ alone and do not represent opinions, estimates or forecasts of Swisscom or its management. Swisscom has not verified any of the information it has received and makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the consensus information. Nor does Swisscom endorse or concur with, or assume responsibility for, such analyst information or recommendations or assume any responsibility to update or supplement such information. This material is being provided for information purposes only and is not intended to, nor does it, constitute investment advice or any solicitation to buy, hold or sell securities or other financial instruments.
Consensus on Swisscom’s financial results also available from other sources and they could differ from what is reported above due to the different analysts involved, timing at which the data is collected and/or other reasons. Swisscom does not assume any liability for any potential discrepancy.

Disclosure of holdings:
Any shareholder that reaches, falls below or exceeds a threshold of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 33⅓, 50 or 66⅔ percent of the voting rights, has a duty of disclosure towards Swisscom and the SIX Swiss Exchange.