Our business model

Swisscom provides telecommunications and ICT services to residential and business
customers in Switzerland. We build and operate convergent mobile communications
and fibre-optic networks, as well as data centres. We also operate in the
digital security, eGovernment, trust, finance, entertainment, media,
advertising and health sectors. Swisscom is the most sustainable
telecommunications company in the world.

“We enable everyone to use the opportunities of the networked world.“

Christoph Aeschlimann, CEO Swisscom

Input factors

The following factors are key to achieving our goals.

Our partners supply us with goods and services worth over CHF 2.9 billion annually. We attach importance to fair and efficient partnerships with suppliers who share our social and ecological goals and values. We work together to protect the environment and improve working conditions.

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Swisscom has more than 15,000 employees (FTE) in Switzerland. Swisscom trains 895 apprentices in over 500 ICT professions. Swisscom embraces diversity and boasts a gender-diverse workforce made up of different generations and people from 94 nations. 3,900 employees are responsible for the network and IT infrastructure.

The roots of our company date back to 1852. One thing has always remained constant: like Swisscom today, our predecessor companies were always at the forefront of technology and setting new technological standards.

Technologies such as cloud, 5G, data-driven business, Internet of Things (IoT), AI & analytics and others act as innovation accelerators in the Swiss economy. We use these technologies ourselves and make them available to our customers for their profitable use. Swisscom operates six data centres in Switzerland.

Swisscom works with leading international partners and research institutes to provide innovative solutions. We have an extensive innovations ecosystem with a broad pool of partners, tools and communities.

With an equity ratio of 45.4% and a debt-equity ratio of 1.7 (ratio net debt/EBITDA), we are very solidly financed. We rely on a broad spectrum of financing instruments to meet our financing requirements.

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“We inspire our customers with unique experiences.”

Dirk Wierzbitzki,
Head of Residential Customers

Value creation processes

Our value creation processes comprise services in the following customer segments.

With Swisscom blue, we provide residential customers in Switzerland with climate-neutral Mobile, Internet and TV subscriptions. The blue product family also includes cinema(opens in new tab), music(opens in new tab), gaming(opens in new tab) and news services(opens in new tab). Using the My Swisscom App, customers can adjust their subscriptions at any time, manage devices, order options and contact Customer Services. We are also available for our customers to deal with their issues at any time via the website, hotline, chat, social media or at one of our 115 Shops. With blue Security & Service, we offer our customers protection for devices and data, as well as a Swiss cloud storage solution for photos, videos and data, thanks to myCloud. With our secondary brand Wingo and the third-party brands, Coop Mobile and M-Budget, we sell cheaper connectivity options without the comprehensive service quality of Swisscom blue products.

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Swisscom supports business customers in the digitisation process and works with them to develop forward-looking solutions. The extensive ICT portfolio includes cloud, outsourcing, workplace and IoT solutions, as well as mobile communications and network solutions, site networking, business process optimisation, SAP solutions, security and authentication solutions, and industry-specific services, such as for the financial sector.

Swisscom offers SME customers one-stop solutions, including appropriate Internet connections and packages, efficient mobile subscriptions, cloud and security services, as well as tools to support remote working. Swisscom also provides support at the customer interface through simple digital solutions.

With its localsearch(opens in new tab) portfolio, Swisscom enables companies to be found online and to attract and retain new customers. Through its simple and effective online marketing solutions, localsearch helps Swiss SMEs to be successful in the digital world. localsearch, alongside local.ch and search.ch, operates Switzerland’s major directory and booking platforms. Swisscom’s brand portfolio also includes Switzerland’s leading platform for tradespeople renovero(opens in new tab), the communities and associations platform Localcities(opens in new tab), and the industry comparison service anbieter-vergleich.ch(opens in new tab).

Swisscom Broadcast offers broadcasting, security and company radio networks and provides around 450 transmitter sites for co-use throughout Switzerland. The offering also includes a range of video surveillance and analysis services, perimeter protection products, as well as drones and robots. It also features telecommunications, IT, streaming and event management services.

Through its subsidiary i-web(opens in new tab), Swisscom provides the leading eGovernment solution for Swiss municipalities and cities. Finally, Trust Services(opens in new tab) offer signature and identity solutions across Europe.

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Swisscom Wholesale provides its customers with a variety of copper and fibre-based connection options. It also offers basic services for connecting telecommunications equipment and services, whilst also providing customers with infrastructure products such as co-use of cabling or the mobile network. Swisscom Wholesale is also developing advanced business areas in the OTT sector.

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Fastweb leads the field in the development of multimedia and broadband communication services: our subsidiary in Italy operates the second-largest network and sets new standards with voice, data, Internet and IPTV services, and video on demand for residential and enterprise customers.

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“Digitisation is opening up new business models.”

Urs Lehner,
Head of Business Customers


What differentiates us from our competitors.

Swisscom wants to consolidate its position as the market leader in Switzerland and a key provider of IT services. Swisscom represents the digital backbone of Switzerland and provides the best customer experience(opens in new tab). Swisscom also wants to remain attractive to the best talent as the top ICT employer in Switzerland.

With our subsidiary Fastweb, we are Italy’s leading alternative telecommunications and ICT provider. We are building and operating the largest convergent ultrafast broadband network. With our solid growth, we are consistently increasing our market share across all sectors. When it comes to reputation, Fastweb is the undisputed number 1.

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Swisscom enjoys a very high level of financial stability. Its strong cashflow and high profitability(opens in new tab) allow for a sustainably attractive dividend policy. Healthy self-financing ensures a solid balance sheet(opens in new tab).

Swisscom takes a responsible approach to society and the environment. As Switzerland’s leading ICT company, we want to harness the opportunities of digital transformation for the prosperity of Switzerland and help shape the future. Our sustainability strategy is based on three strategic priorities, which in turn are based on the UN’s global Sustainable Development Goals.

Responsibility for the environment
We have been leading the way in climate and environmental protection internationally in our industry for years. And we’re pursuing further ambitious goals: by 2025, we will be completely climate neutral. Together with our customers, we are saving an additional 1 million tonnes of CO2 every year.
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Responsibility for people
We embrace social responsibility, both as an employer and as the operator of one of the most important critical infrastructures, with commitments to education, culture and business. We offer inspiring workplaces, enabling everyone to take part in the digital future.
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Responsible action
We have very high ethical standards and have developed industry-leading processes and tools to achieve these. We are guided by comprehensive ethical
principles, which we consistently put into practice.
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As Switzerland’s leading ICT company, we surprise and inspire with innovative, high-quality products and services. We are actively committed to education, fairness and inclusion in the digital world, which is how we create trust in digital innovations and developments.

Since 1998, Swisscom has operated an outpost in Silicon Valley involved in the scouting and transfer of technology. Swisscom Ventures(opens in new tab) is investing in around 80 new technology companies and networks start-ups with Swisscom’s business units Swisscom StartUp supports new Swiss companies with advice, discounted services, expertise, coaching programmes, finance and community events. The intrapreneurship programme Kickbox(opens in new tab) also supports the company’s internal innovation process by providing employees with tools, a clear process and resources for innovation projects.