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    460,000 thanks.

Swisscom Mobile Aid

Donate your mobile phone for children in need

An estimated eight million mobile phones lie around unused in Switzerland. Yet each mobile has hidden treasure inside that can change the lives of children in need. Help us by donating you old mobile phone for a good cause.

Christian Hosmann, SOS Kinderdorf

"We'd like to thank you 460,000 times."

Since Mobile Aid was launched in November 2012 Swisscom customers have donated more than 460,000 mobile phones. We donated the proceeds of more than one million Swiss francs to SOS Children's Villages projects, equivalent to funding over two million hot meals.  


There's hidden treasure inside every mobile phone

Mobile phones contain many reusable materials that should not be thrown away, which means that even defective phones are valuable. Donate yours to Swisscom Mobile Aid and we will turn it into a donation for SOS Children's Villages, thanks to the proceeds from recycling the phones by our Swiss partner Solenthaler Recycling AG in cooperation with Swiss social firms.

The amount of resources hidden inside the 8 million unused mobile phones in Swiss households.

Mobile Bonus

Sell us your mobile phone

If you don't want to donate your used mobile phone, you can also sell it to us: depending on the model you can get up to CHF 600 towards your new mobile phone. Of course, we would be delighted if you donated part of the amount directly to our partner SOS Children's Villages. Find out how much your mobile phone is worth right now online.


Free admission to the Umwelt Arena

The Umwelt Arena in Spreitenbach supports Swisscom Mobile Aid: admission is free when you donate your old mobile phone to Swisscom Mobile Aid at the cash desk. Take the family along to the Umwelt Arena and discover how we can live sustainably in the future without compromising on quality or spending more money.


With Mobile Aid, you give your working phone a second life. Faulty mobile phones are recycled. And all for a good cause.