Group and capital structure

Swisscom Ltd, a company governed by Swiss law and headquartered in Ittigen (the canton of Bern, Switzerland), is the holding company which, with a share capital of CHF 52 million, is responsible for the strategic and financial management of the Swisscom Group.

Group structure

Interactive organisational chart of the Swisscom operational Group structure. The company is composed of the Board of Directors, CEO, business and group divisions and group companies.

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Capital structure and changes

Swisscom Ltd has a share capital of CHF 51,801,943. The share capital is divided into registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 1 each. The shares are fully paid up.

In CHF million Share -

Balance at 1 January 2021 52 136 11,085 (1,791) 8 9,490 1 9,491
Net income
- - 1,832 - - 1,832 1 1,833
Other comprehensive income - - 709 (73) (6) 630 - 630
Comprehensive income - - 2,541 (73) (6) 2,462 1 2,463
Dividends paid - - (1,140) - - (1,140) (1) (1,141)
Other changes - - (1) - - (1) 1 -
Balance at 31 December 2021 52 136 12,485 (1,864) 2 10,811 2 10,813
Net income - - 1,602 - - 1,602 1 1,603
Other comprehensive income - - 3 (96) (4) (97) - (97)
Comprehensive income - - 1,605 (96) (4) 1,505 1 1,506
Dividends paid - - (1,140) - - (1,140) (1) (1,141)
Other changes - - (8) - - (8) 1 (7)
Balance at 31 December 2022 52 136 12,942 (1,960) (2) 11,168 3 11,171

Group structure 

Material changes 2022 

Acquisitions and disposals of subsidiaries in 2022 are not individually material. The business combinations in 2022 include the full acquisition of MTF Solutions AG and Audio Video G + M Holding AG. Swisscom also acquired the remaining 25% share in Swisscom Digital Technology AG in 2022.

15.12.2021 Swisscom boosts IT expertise for SMEs

Acquisitions and disposals of subsidiaries in 2021 are not individually material. Business combinations in 2021 include the full acquisition of Webtiser AG and JLS Digital as well as acquisition of a 90% stake in the Innovative Web Group. Following its acquisition, Webtiser AG was merged with Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd..
Swisscom also sold all its shares in SA in 2021 and relinquished control of Custodigit AG. Additionally in 2021, Swisscom sold its shares in the equity-accounted investments Belgacom International Carrier Services SA, Medgate AG, SEC Consult (Schweiz) AG, SmartLife Care AG, SwissSign Group AG and tiko Energy Solutions AG.

05.01.2022 Swisscom acquires majority stake in Innovative Web Group
30.04.2021 Swisscom takes over JLS Digital
10.02.2021 Swisscom acquires e-commerce specialist Webtiser
09.02.2021 Swisscom sells its stake in BICS

Acquisitions and disposals of subsidiaries in 2020 are not individually material. These include the full acquisition of Cutaway S.r.l., the 70% acquisition of 7Layers S.r.l. in Italy and the sale of Mila AG. Cutaway S.r.l. was merged with Fastweb S.p.A. following the acquisition.

02.10.2020 Mila’s CEO, Chris Viatte finds new investors to take the company independent
01.10.2020 Cyber security, Fastweb acquires 70% of the 7Layers company
03.03.2020 Fastweb acquires Cutaway to allow continued growth in the Cloud and ICT services market

On 16 November 2018, Italian subsidiary Fastweb acquired the fixed wireless division and a 3.5 GHz frequency spectrum from Tiscali for EUR 185 million (CHF 208 million). The transaction, which qualified as a business combination in accordance with IFRS3, was provisionally recognised in the consolidated financial statement of 31 December 2018. No transaction costs were incurred. The deferred purchase price was paid off by a cash payment of EUR 80 million (CHF 90 million) in 2019 and the provision of services amounting to EUR 55 million (CHF 62 million). This did not have a material effect on Swisscom’s 2018 revenue and net income.

In December 2018, Swisscom exercised its call option to acquire the remaining 31% stake in Swisscom Directories Ltd for a purchase price of CHF 240 million. On 31 December 2018, the exercising of the call option gave rise to a CHF 14 million increase in the other financial liabilities previously recognised in Swisscom’s consolidated financial statements with no impact on profit and loss.

The remaining acquisitions and divestitures of subsidiaries in 2019 were not material individually. These included the acquisition of United Security Provider AG and Ajila AG, the divestiture of Datasport AG and the loss of control over tiko Energy Solutions AG.

18.12.2019 SIX and Sygnum Bank acquire stakes in daura
05.12.2019 Swisscom and Ajila digitise the conclusion of contracts
25.06.2019 Fastweb and Wind Tre announce strategic agreement on construction of a nationwide 5G network
09.05.2019 Swisscom acquires Swiss security specialist United Security Providers
14.03.2019 tiko steps up its international expansion with new partner

In December 2018, Swisscom exercised its call option to acquire the remaining 31% stake in Swisscom Directories Ltd for a purchase price of CHF 240 million. At the end of July 2018, Italian subsidiary Fastweb signed an agreement to acquire the fixed-wireless division and a 3.5 GHz frequency spectrum from Tiscali in order to strengthen its mobile and convergence business over the long term. The value of the transaction was EUR 185 million (CHF 208 million) and was completed on 16 November 2018.

30.07.2018 Fastweb acquires 5G frequencies and fixed wireless division from Tiscali
19.12.2018 Swisscom became sole shareholder of Swisscom Directories Ltd