Group Executive Board

The Group Executive Board, as appointed by the Board of Directors, is composed of the CEO, business division heads and heads of Group Business Steering and Group Human Resources.

Urs Schaeppi

CEO Swisscom

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Urs Lehner

Business Customers

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Hans C. Werner

Group Human Resources

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Christoph Aeschlimann

IT, Network & Infrastructure

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Mario Rossi

Group Business Steering

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Dirk Wierzbitzki

Residential Customers

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The remuneration of the Group Executive Board is designed to attract and retain highly qualified and motivated professionals and executive personnel in the long term, and to provide the latter with an incentive for the sustainable enhancement of corporate value. It is systematic, transparent and long-range.


CHF in thousands Total for GEB
Total for GEB
Urs Schaeppi
Urs Schaeppi
Fixed base salary paid in cash 3,606 3,694 882 882
Variable performance-related salary component in cash 1,636 1,874 417 459
Variable earnings-related compensation paid in shares 1 757 886 165 182
Service-related and non-cash benefits 105 95 15 22
Employer contributions to social security 2 539 575 132 137
Pension benefits 873 892 148 147
Total remuneration to members of the Group Executive Board 7,516 8,016 1,759 1,829
Benefits paid following retirement from the Group Executive Board 3 - 605 - -
Total remuneration paid to members
of the Group Executive Board, including benefits paid following retirement from the Group Executive Board
7,516 8,621 1,759 1,829

1 The shares are reported at market value and are blocked from sale for three years.
2 Employer contributions to social security (AHV, IV, EO and FAK, incl. administration costs, and daily sickness benefits and accident insurance) are included in the total remuneration.
3 Contractual compensation payments made during the notice period to a Group Executive Board member who resigned from the Board during the previous year.


Members of the Group Executive Board Number of shares as at 31.12.2019 Number of shares as at 31.12.2018
Urs Schaeppi (CEO)  4,752 4,380
Mario Rossi  1,707 1,483
Hans C. Werner  1,440 1,259
Marc Werner  1,364 1,158
Urs Lehner 509 290
Christoph Aeschlimann 1 - -
Heinz Herren 2 - 1,856
Dirk Wierzbitzki 969 604
Total shares of members of the Group Executive Board 10,741 11,030

1 Was made a member of the Group Executive Board on 01 February 2019.
2 Left the Group Executive Board on 31 January 2019.

Management transactions

All transactions in Swisscom registered securities, stock options or other financing instruments based on Swisscom shares or stock options are published by the SIX Swiss Exchange in compliance with the directive concerning the disclosure of management transactions.

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