Group Executive Board

The Group Executive Board, as appointed by the Board of Directors, is composed of the CEO, business division heads and heads of Group Business Steering and Group Human Resources.


The remuneration of the Group Executive Board is designed to attract and retain highly qualified and motivated professionals and executive personnel in the long term, and to provide the latter with an incentive for the sustainable enhancement of corporate value. It is systematic, transparent and long-range. The compensation is paid without the issue of share options.


CHF in thousands Total
Group Executive Board
Group Executive Board
Urs Schaeppi
Urs Schaeppi
Fixed base salary paid in cash 3,165 3,221 882 882
Variable performance-related salary component in cash 1,916 1,708 547 477
Variable earnings-related compensation paid in shares 1 853 731 217 189
Service-related and non-cash benefits 118 109 17 18
Employer contributions to social security 2 526 510 146 139
Pension benefits 766 796 149 148
Total remuneration to members of the Group Executive Board 7,344 7,075 1,958 1,853
Benefits paid following retirement from the Group Executive Board 3 1,026 190 - -
Total remuneration paid to members of the Group Executive Board, including benefits paid following retirement from the Group Executive Board 8,370 7,265 1,958 1,853

1 The shares are reported at market value and are blocked from sale for three years.
2 Employer contributions to social security (AHV, IV, EO and FAK incl. administrative costs as well as KTG and accident insurance) are included in the total remuneration.
3 Remuneration paid to the members of the Group Executive Board who departed from the Board in the reporting year resp. in 2020 to fulfil contractual obligations during the notice period.


Group Executive Board members Number of shares
as at 31.12.2021
Number of shares
as at 31.12.2020
Urs Schaeppi (CEO) 5,445
Eugen Stermetz 1 - -
Mario Rossi 2 - 1,897
Klementina Pejic 3 - -
Hans C. Werner 4 - 1’588
Urs Lehner 1,019 821
Christoph Aeschlimann 422 145
Dirk Wierzbitzki 1,323
Total shares of the members of the Board of Directors 8,209 10,642

1 Elected to the Group Executive Board on 01 March 2021.
2 Stepped down from the Group Executive Board on 28 February 2021.
3 Elected to the Group Executive Board on 01 February 2021.
4 Stepped down from the Group Executive Board on 31 January 2021.

Management transactions

All transactions in Swisscom registered securities, stock options or other financing instruments based on Swisscom shares or stock options are published by the SIX Swiss Exchange in compliance with the directive concerning the disclosure of management transactions.

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