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Dirk Wierzbitzki

Head of Residential Customers

Member of the Group Executive Board since January 2016
Born 1965
German citizen
Degree in electrical engineering

Portrait Dirk Wierzbitzki

“Best product and service experiences impress our customers and set us apart from the competition.”

Dirk Wierzbitzki has been a member of the Swisscom Board of Directors since 2016, initially as Head of the Products & Marketing division and, since 2020, as Head of Residential Customers. After completing his degree in electrical engineering, he started his career at Siemens in product management. From 1994, he worked in various management positions at Vodafone in the areas of product development, product management and commercial offer management. In 2010 he joined Swisscom, where he held a number of different roles in customer experience design, fixed network and TV. Since 2016, he has had overall management responsibility for all products and services within the Residential Customers division. He is a member of the Board of Directors of SoftAtHome, a software development company for smart home solutions.


1994–2001 Head of Product Management, Mannesmann D2 (now Vodafone Germany)

2001–2003 Director for Innovation Management, Vodafone Global Products and Services

2003–2006 Director of Commercial Terminals, Vodafone Group

2006–2008 Director of Consumer Internet Services and Platforms, Vodafone Group

2008–2010 Director of Communications Services, Vodafone Group

2010–2015 Member of the Management Board, Residential Customers, Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd

2010–2012 Head of Customer Experience Design for Residential Customers, Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd

2013–2015 Head of Fixed-network Business & TV for Residential Customers, Swisscom (Switzerland Ltd)

2016–2019 Head of Products & Marketing division, Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd

Since January 2016 Member of the Swisscom Group Executive Board
  Since 2020 Head of Residential Customers


1,122 (as at 31.12.2020)

Other positions of responsibility

  • Member of the Board of Directors of SoftAtHome, Paris