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Prepaid customers get new 075 prefix

Berne, 14 July 2015

From today, Swisscom is assigning new prepaid customers the mobile prefix 075. Because it is running out of 079 prefix number blocks, Swisscom is gradually phasing in 075 telephone numbers for all mobile phone subscriptions.

075 numbers will be introduced in stages: from today, the new prefix will be assigned to prepaid customers who order a combination package comprising a SIM card and phone. From around the autumn onwards, all new prepaid customers will be assigned 075 numbers. Back in 2013, Swisscom applied to the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) for several number blocks with a 075 prefix because it was clear that blocks using the 079 mobile prefix would run out in the foreseeable future. Since then, consecutive blocks of 075 numbers as well as memorable numbers (top numbers) have been assigned to business customers with data subscriptions.


To enable residential customers to choose between the two mobile prefixes for as long as possible, Swisscom is now introducing 075 numbers for prepaid customers. This will enable 079 prefix telephone numbers to continue to be made available. The 075 prefix will also be introduced for postpaid subscribers during 2016. Customers who would like a 075 prefix number can purchase a top number or a specific number from today.


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