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From blockers for advertising calls to boosters for internet access: new services for your home

Berne, 15 November 2016

Swisscom customers can now benefit from a range of exciting innovations for the home: the company is launching an automatic filter for unwanted advertising calls. Thanks to the Internet Booster (DSL + LTE bundle), customers with restricted bandwidth can profit from noticeably higher speeds. Swisscom is also doubling the bandwidth of its affordable Vivo packages, while the new Internet Box 2 router significantly improves wi-fi reception at home.

There’s now an easy way for Swisscom customers to block annoying advertising calls. From 28 November, an automatic filter will make advertising calls, as well as anonymous and unidentifiable calls, literally vanish into thin air. In addition, customers will now be able to block up to 200 numbers (previously 50) and create individual block lists. ‘Action against unsolicited calls has been our customers’ top request for some time now,’ confirms Dirk Wierzbitzki, Head of Products and member of the Swisscom Group Executive Board. ‘Now, the Swisscom call filter offers an effective solution.’ A single click in the customer centre or a call to the hotline is all it takes to activate the free filter. The only requirement is an IP-based fixed network connection.


Instant acceleration with the Internet Booster

Swisscom’s other innovations also ensure a better experience at home. Thanks to the new Internet Booster (DSL + LTE bundle), customers with a slow internet connection at home will now be able to surf faster. The Booster links the home internet connection with the mobile network, enabling a cumulative speed of up to 40 Mbit/s. At the start of 2017, the Internet Booster will become available free of charge in stages to Vivo S and Vivo M customers in selected areas. From this date, customers will be able to check whether the Internet Booster, and related technology, is available at their address at


Seven antennae ensure the best possible wi-fi reception at home

Even if you have good bandwidth at home, a patchy home network or wi-fi connection can slow down your surfing. The Internet Box 2, available from today, is here to smooth that bottleneck. Thanks to the new wi-fi standard 11ac ‘wave2’, seven integrated antennae and an optimised tower shape, the Internet Box 2 produces strikingly improved speeds and a wider range. The new Internet Box is also equipped for, a technology that enables transmission rates of up to 500 Mbit/s via the copper network. New Vivo S, M, L and XL customers and those with an Internet 50 or Internet 250 deal will receive the box for free. ‘Both devices – the Internet Booster and Internet Box 2 – were single-handedly developed by Swisscom and have been tested by about 2,000 people over the past months,’ explains Wierzbitzki.

What's more, Swisscom is also doubling internet speeds for customers with affordable Vivo XS and S packages to 20 and 40 Mbit/s, respectively. And Vivo M and L customers will be able to surf at 1Gbit/s for six months at no extra cost.


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