Five boosters for iPhone and other devices.

With a few extra add-ons, your iPhone, or other smartphone, is even more fun. Find out how to get the most out of your device with these five boosters.

Franziska Rolli, 11 September 2018

Booster 1: Create more memory space – with myCloud

The more we use our iPhones, the more photos and other data we accumulate. As a result, you might want to create an iCloud backup but, bad luck, you’ve run out of free storage and upgrading is expensive. That’s why it’s better to opt for the secure Swiss version and store your pictures and personal data in myCloud.

All customers get 15 GB free storage in MyCloud, for photos, videos and documents. And with a mobile subscription from Swisscom, you even get unlimited storage.

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Booster 2: Watch TV anywhere – with TV Air

Stuck on a tram in the evening rush-hour just before kick-off? With Swisscom TV air, there’s no need to panic because you can watch TV on your iPhone. And thanks to the razor-sharp display, you can see the ball as clearly as on your TV at home. Did you know? If you want to watch BSC Young Boys’ forthcoming Champions League matches at your leisure while you're on the move, you can get live sporting events on a pay-per-view basis through TV Air.

TV Air including recordings/replay costs 5 CHF per month – and you won’t pay anything for the first three months. TV Air is free for customers who have Swisscom TV at home.


Booster 3: The Multi Device SIM – for all your gadgets

These days, it’s unusual to only have an iPhone – people tend to have an iPad and/or an Apple Watch as well. These devices really come into their own once they're connected to the Internet – completely independent of your mobile. With a Multi Device SIM card, you are free to leave your iPhone at home. People can still call you on your Apple Watch or iPad and you can chat, surf and stream – with a single telephone number.

Get all this from Swisscom from just CHF 5 per month – it’s even included as part of the subscription for some inOne customers.

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Booster 4: Carefree days – with our insurance

The iPhone is our constant companion – and that’s sometimes the problem. In the blink of an eye, it could easily fall off a table, down the loo or, most annoyingly of all, be pick-pocketed as you queue for your morning espresso. For greater confidence in your daily life, our insurance covers you for screen and water damage, as well as any call charges incurred if your phone is stolen.

With Swisscom, insurance costs either CHF 10 or CHF 15, with a CHF 70 excess for the CHF 10 rate and a CHF 100 excess for the CHF 15 rate. Did you know? Apple only provides a one-year warranty. Swisscom therefore provides the second year, ensuring that your iPhone warranty covers you for a full 24 months.


Booster 5: Environmentally conscious – with Mobile Bonus

If you can’t resist the latest iPhone, why not turn your old phone into free cash with Mobile Bonus? It only takes a few clicks. Once sold, Swisscom will delete any data left on the device. What’s more, this service applies to everyone, not only Swisscom customers, and any device. You will receive the money for your old phone either as a credit on your bill, as a bank transfer (only for online returns) or as a credit voucher (only for in-store returns). Alternatively, you can donate the money to SOS Children’s Villages.

It’s also good for the environment because manufacture is the most energy-intensive part of the iPhone's life cycle. It is therefore more environmentally friendly to recondition and reuse an old device than to recycle it.

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