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Swisscom Customer Centre

Swisscom Customer Centre

Swisscom Customer Centre

Keep a simple track of costs and products online using your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

In the Customer centre you can:

Keep track of current costs and bills

  • See how much you have spent on calls, surfing, renting films or sending texts
  • See how much remaining credit you have
  • View bills and pay them later if required

Manage and check products

  • Change your subscription
  • Put your favourite TV channel in first place
  • Protect your children from specific TV content with a parental controls PIN
  • Find the PUK for your NATEL
  • Order a new or additional SIM card
  • Find your mobile Internet password
  • Manage your COMBOX settings
  • Find out if there are any disruptions or maintenance works in your area
  • Check if everything is OK with your Swisscom products with Quick Check

Manage your personal details and login information

  • Amend your contact details and Swisscom password
  • Take your Swisscom products with you when you move
  • Find out what letters we have sent to you

Help with logging in

You can log in to the Customer centre with your Swisscom User name and Password or with your mobile number.  

The Swisscom Login

My Swisscom App

My Swisscom Logo: You can also find the most important features of the Customer centre in the My Swisscom App. You can also use the My Swisscom App to access the Customer centre with ease at any time.



Customer Center

Manage your personal data, subscriptions and bills on your own.


My Swisscom Assistant

The worry-free service for your computer


Mobile Set up

Set up MMS, e-mail, Internet, Swisscom TV air and WLAN on your mobile phone.


Quick Check

Check up on your own Swisscom services such as TV, Internet, telephone, and email!