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Online Customer Center

On this page:
You can find your bills, personal data, subscriptions and products in the Swisscom Customer Center.

Phone support is available

For administrative enquiries our phone support is available: Mon - Sat 07:00 - 20:00/ Closed on Sundays.
To manage your products and data online, you can log into the Customer Center.

Log in

Manage your products, bills, personal/business data and passwords - quickly and independently of Swisscom Shops and customer service.

Fast access

My Swisscom App

The most popular features of the Customer Center as an app.


Registering a business mobile

If you wish to manage your business mobile (with a NATEL® go subscription) in the My Swisscom Customer Center, proceed as follows:

  • Login

    Log into the My Swisscom Customer Center with your existing residential customer Swisscom login.


    > Do you still need a Swisscom Login?

    Add product

    Go to “Add product or service” > “Additional products”.

  • Registering a business product

    Then scroll down to the “Business products” area. Under “Register new business mobile”, click Register.

    Enter number

    Enter the mobile number associated with your NATEL® go subscription and click Continue.

  • Receive code

    A code will be sent by SMS to the mobile number entered. Enter the code and click Continue. (If the prompt “Provide ID” appears, simply ignore it and continue.)


    Your telephone number is now registered in your My Swisscom Customer Center. You will find it on the homepage under “Business products and services” > “All business products”.

  • Done

    You can now manage your mobile in the My Swisscom Customer Center.


Why don't I see all/the right products in the Customer Center?

How can I create a login for an employee?


Help with the Swisscom login



Do you have questions concerning our products?

We will help you via telephone or chat.

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